Flavored Mini Cigars

Flavored Mini Cigars
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Flavored & Infused Small Cigars

When we say "flavored" cigars, we mean a cigar that has had flavors infused with oil, syrup, liquor and other food products that impart into the tobacco. When they're properly blended, they develop flavors that hint at notes other than tobacco: cream, spice, leather, coffee, orange peel, etc. SHOP ALL FLAVORED MINI CIGARS

CAO Flavours Moontrance Cigarillo Cigars 4" x 30

Moontrance Cigarillo is infused with bourbon vanilla, peaches, and other organic fruits and is finished off with Hawaiian honey. Moontrance is rich and sweet all the way through. Almost immediately, a blast of vanilla screams across the palate, leaving a trail of sweet, fruity nuances behind. On the finish, sweet honey is noticeable on the tip of the tongue, as well as a rich bourbon note through the nose. SHOP NOW

ACID Blondie Cigars 4" x 38

The prominent flavor notes in the Acid Blondie are sweet cream and honey. Not too sweet or overly potent, this is a great infused cigar made with the finest tobaccos and infusions. ACID has been making these incredibly infused cigars for over 20 years now, and the Blondie has always been a fan favorite. SHOP NOW

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ACID Krush Morado Maduro Cigars 4" x 32


Smooth to medium-bodied, ACID Krush Morado Maduro is one of the most popular selling infused cigarillos in the world. A dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper encompasses a sweet combination of Nicaraguan long-fillers on ACID Krush Morado Maduro. With notes of dried cherries and botanicals, this Nicaraguan handmade delivers an unforgettable aroma.


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Tabak Especial Colada Negra Cigars 4" x 38


While there are plenty of coffee-flavored cigars on today's market, one continues to stand head and shoulders above the rest: Tabak Especial Cafecita Negra. Made at the world-famous La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Nicaragua under the supervision of none other than the master of flavored cigars himself, Jonathan Drew, Tabak Especial is set apart from the rest in that the tobacco isn't simply flavored but infused. SHOP NOW

Rocky Patel Java Red Petit Corona Cigars 4 1/2" x 38


Rocky Patel Cigars hit a home run with the original Java series, and this brand new Java Red Petite Corona is the latest cigar to join the lineup! Rocky Patel is all about bringing out the very best product possible, so when looking for a factory to manufacture Java Red, it is no surprise that Rocky Patel looked no further than the best producer of flavored cigars in the world: Drew Estate, down in Nicaragua. This is constant through all the award-winning Java lines, so it seems pretty obvious how the Java cigars by Rocky Patel have become known as the best coffee-flavored cigars on the market. SHOP NOW

Isla Del Sol Maduro Breve Brick Cigars 4" x 32

 isla-del-sol-maduro-breve-brick The sweetness from the tip pairs beautifully with the robust flavor of the Nicaraguan maduro wrapper, coating the palate with rich flavors of sugar and spice at the same time. The intense blast of coffee soon follows, becoming the dominant flavor of the blend. Hints of cinnamon and chocolate can be noted, and as the cigar smokes down, earthy tobacco begins to show through. Medium-bodied yet bursting with flavor, Isla Del Sol Maduro is a coffee lover's dream come true. SHOP NOW

CAO Gold Minis Cigars 3 1/2" x 20


CAO Gold Minis cigars are 100% high-quality tobacco featuring an Ecuadorian wrapper. These little cigars offer creamy textures of vanilla and nutmeg, capped off with a hint of sweet spice. The CAO Gold received a 90-rating, noting: "It is filled with sweet herbal earthiness that includes a hint of pepper, light cocoa bean, leather and even roasted nuts." SHOP NOW

Tatiana Petite Groovy Blue 4" x 30


Formerly the biggest producer of flavored cigars in the world, Tatiana Cigars puts out some of the best-flavored cigars in the business. Tatiana Groovy Blue Cigarillos are a hard, candy-sweet, yet complex smoking experience that is a complement to any part of your day. The Tatiana Groovy Blue has extract infusions of cognac, acacia honey, black Amboise raspberries, and a hint of vanilla, making these a pleasure to smoke every time. SHOP NOW

Clove Cigars

Djarum Black Classic Ruby Clove Cigar 3 3/4" x 24


Djarum Black Classic Ruby Cigar, formerly named 'Djarum Spice Island', is the original exotic flavor you'd travel the globe to find if we didn't make it so dang easy. Warm, inviting, and oh-so-delicious. Black cherry, crisp tobacco, and that scrumptious Djarum clove spice that everyone already loves. SHOP NOW

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Ambrosia Clove Tiki Cigar 4" x 32


Though an infused cigar, Ambrosia Clove Tiki is so rich that it doesn't seem like a heavily flavored blend, at least not compared to its milder counterparts. Hearty and rich, Ambrosia begins with a blast of Nicaraguan pepper and a thick cedar note. As the cigar progresses, notes of black pepper, cherry, cinnamon, and incense speckle the flavor profile, along with a dark, earthy base. A sweet yet spicy finish completes the package. For an infused stick, Ambrosia makes for quite a luxurious experience. SHOP NOW


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