Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas
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Father's Day Cigar Gifts

We all understand that every day is the best day for all things cigar, but there’s something really special about being able to give your Old Man the gift of premium tobacco and accessories on Father’s Day. You know, because he deserves it for putting up with you all those years. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll finally forgive you for breaking that window. Or windows. Below are some great ideas from our vast selection of tasty and fun goodies.

Cigar Gift Sets

Gift Sets are your one-stop shop for all of your Father’s Day needs. Here you can find a collection of sweet merch and delicious cigars, often paired together in a dynamite package of value. Here are some of our faves:

San Cristobal Paradise Assortment - Send your pater familias to a place of luxury and carefree relaxation with this selection of highly-rated premium sticks from the famed Don Pepin. Add in a cool looking box ready to be repurposed as a place for loose coins, extra screws, and other random junk, plus a high-quality lighter and you’ve got a winning combination.

Southern Draw 5-Cigar Humidor & Lighter Combo - Storage space is always at a premium for any aficionado worth his salt, so why burden your Father with the chore of rearranging his stash? With this present he’ll have more stogies and more humidor space and a new super-cool lighter! He’s going to be so proud.

Romeo y Julieta Attache Gift Set - Got a grumpy Old Man who doesn’t trust any cigar other than his usual old man stogie? This slick lighter-plus ashtray combo will make him reconsider your good taste and you just might be able to turn him onto your favorite smokes. Just take it slow. He’s likely to spook at any sudden movement.

Top 25 Cigar Samplers

Top 25 Cigar Samplers is where you find the best of the best without wondering if you’re making the right choice. Here is a curated selection of a few of the world’s finest smokes year after year:

The Wise Man Maduro Robusto - 2018 #3 Cigar of the YearFoundation The Wise Man Maduro Robusto - A little flattery can go a long way, so make sure to say you chose these sticks as a Father’s Day gift because the name was spot on. Of course, he’ll see right through you and will wonder what you’re about to ask for, so it may be better to let these delectable and potent stogies speak for themselves.

Joya de Nicaragua Antano Gran Reserva Robusto Grande - At the top of many smoker’s lists for decades, it’s about time these robust sticks are getting the attention they deserve. Chewy and dense, with an earthy profile drenched in syrupy sweetness, this is how you respect your elders.

601 Habano Red Torpedo - A medium-strength and supremely flavorful choice that all Dads are going to love. Will smoking one finally get him to sit back with a beer and relax while you man the grill? Unlikely, but it’s certainly possible.

Alec Bradley Coyol Petite Lancero - Lanceros are a somewhat rare vitola, but don’t let their slim size fool you or your Pa. Packed surprisingly full of choice Honduran and Nicaraguan longleaf, these Alec Bradley Coyols know how to deliver an eye-opening amount of flavor.

Cigar Samplers

Cigar Samplers - Samplers are the perfect way to let your Dad try out a bunch of different sticks without you needing to ask him for cash. You just can’t go wrong with any of them, but we’ll make it even easier by highlighting some of the best:

My Father Cigar SamplerMy Father Cigar Sampler - This is it. If you’re in a hurry, there is no need to read any further because these are a no-brainer and not just because of the name. You will never ever go wrong with gifting a My Father cigar, so why not give five of the most beautiful figurados your Pops will have ever seen.

Diamond Crown Royal Sampler - Whether he says it or not, most Fathers like to be considered king of his castle, which is why he wants you to buy him this sampler. Don’t believe us, just ask him.

Ashton 10 Cigar Sampler - Go big or go home with this huge selection of some of the finest ultra-premiums around. From the smooth, mild Classic to the world-class VSG, you’ll have Papa singing your praises from the mountaintop.

Cigar Accessories

Accessories - Smoking cigars together is a great way to spend time with El Padre, but why not give him something that he can show off even when you’re not around.

Xikar 60 Cigar Deluxe Travel HumidorXikar 60 Cigar Deluxe Travel Humidor - Now that he has a great collection of cigars, selecting the right travel humidor for cigars is very important. XIKAR makes six (6) different travel humidors for the right occasion. The travel humidor case size, number of cigars and temperature will determine how you maintain the RH and how often to recharge the humidifier.

Original Stinky Cigar Ashtray - Your Father will either keep this immense and impressive ashtray polished to a mirror shine after each use, or he’ll start an experiment to see how many nubs it can hold before needing to be emptied. There is no in-between.

Jetline Bolero Triple Torch Lighter - He really needs a steady and strong flame to remind him of your love, and for his favorite cigars too. This triple flame torch has just the right amount of firepower to light almost anything, from a sixty-ring gauge stogie to a campfire.

Get a Grip Cigar Clip - Dropping a lit cigar while out and about is a horribly disappointing experience, so make sure Pappa’s next golfing or fishing trip is a success with this handy gadget. You’ll want one too.

Xikar Envoy Triple Cigar Case - A sturdy cedar-lined carrying case destined to last a lifetime of travel and fun. Your Dad will keep finding excuses to use it.

Xikar Xi3 Carbon Fiber Cigar Cutter - Get dad one of the best cigar cutters. The renowned Xi3 cigar cutter now boasts top quality, genuine Carbon Fiber handles that are often found in luxury sports cars, jets and yachts. Carbon fiber is really millions of microscopic fibers, made of mostly carbon atoms bonded by crystals, making the material extremely strong and durable.

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