Cigar Ring Gauge Chart: A Guide to Cigar Sizes and Shapes

Cigar Ring Gauge Chart: A Guide to Cigar Sizes and Shapes
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Guide to Cigar Ring Gauges

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Cigar enthusiasts often encounter the term "ring gauge" when exploring the vast world of cigars. Understanding cigar ring gauge is essential for selecting cigars that suit individual preferences and smoking experiences. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into what cigar ring gauge means, its significance in cigar sizing, and how it impacts the smoking experience.

What is Cigar Ring Gauge?

The ring gauge of a cigar refers to its diameter, measured in sixty-fourths of an inch. Cigar ring gauges typically range from as narrow as 20 to as wide as 60 or more, with most cigars falling within the 30 to 52 range.

Significance of Cigar Ring Gauge

Appearance and Feel: The ring gauge determines the overall size and appearance of the cigar. Cigars with larger ring gauges tend to appear more robust and substantial, while those with smaller ring gauges may appear more slender and elegant. The choice of ring gauge can influence how the cigar feels in the hand and mouth during smoking.

Smoking Experience: Ring gauge affects the smoking experience in terms of draw, flavor intensity, and burn rate. Cigars with larger ring gauges typically offer a cooler, slower burn and a looser draw, allowing for a milder smoking experience with more complex flavors. In contrast, cigars with smaller ring gauges often provide a concentrated, intense flavor profile and a faster burn rate.

Construction and Blend: The ring gauge can impact the construction of the cigar, including the placement of the filler, binder, and wrapper leaves. Cigars with larger ring gauges may accommodate more filler tobacco, resulting in a more complex blend and smoother smoking experience. Conversely, cigars with smaller ring gauges may have a higher wrapper-to-filler ratio, highlighting the wrapper's flavor and aroma.

How is a Cigar Ring Gauge Measured?

A cigar's ring gauge is measured in units of 1/64th of an inch. This measurement refers to the diameter of the cigar. For example, if a cigar has a ring gauge of 50, it means that its diameter is 50/64th of an inch.

To measure the ring gauge of a cigar, you can use a specialized tool called a cigar ring gauge tool. This tool consists of a circular opening with various diameter measurements marked along its edge. Simply place the opening of the ring gauge tool around the cigar at its widest point (typically near the foot), and identify the measurement that aligns with the cigar's diameter. This measurement corresponds to the cigar's ring gauge.

Alternatively, you can use a ruler with markings in 64ths of an inch to measure the diameter of the cigar manually. However, using a cigar ring gauge tool provides a more accurate and convenient method for measuring the ring gauge of a cigar.

Cigar Ring Gauge Chart

Common Cigar Shapes and Ring Gauges

Parejo: Parejo cigars have straight-sided cylindrical shapes and come in various ring gauges. Common sizes include Robusto (50-54 ring gauge), Toro (50-52 ring gauge), Churchill (48-54 ring gauge), and Corona (42-46 ring gauge).

Figurado: Figurado cigars feature non-traditional shapes, such as belicoso, pyramid, or perfecto. These cigars may have varying ring gauges throughout their length, offering unique smoking experiences.

Choosing the Right Cigar

When selecting a cigar, consider your personal preferences, smoking style, and occasion. Larger ring gauge cigars are ideal for leisurely smoking sessions, offering a longer smoking time and a more relaxed experience. Smaller ring gauge cigars are suitable for shorter smoking sessions or when you prefer a more intense flavor profile.

Understanding cigar ring gauge is essential for selecting cigars that align with your preferences and desired smoking experience. Whether you prefer the robustness of a larger ring gauge or the intensity of a smaller ring gauge, there's a cigar size and shape to suit every palate. By exploring different ring gauges and experimenting with various cigar sizes, enthusiasts can discover new flavors, aromas, and smoking pleasures within the world of cigars.

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