Cigar Review: Padron Maduro

Cigar Review: Padron Maduro
9 years ago 7 comments

Padron Maduro Cigars

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of cigar brands on today's market. We are blessed to live in a day and age where the world of cigars is bigger and better than ever before. With those mounds of brands, whether discount or premium, come varying degrees of quality, consistency, and overall enjoyability, all three factors directly relating to the overall opinion of the individual smoker, it's not so easy to pick a favorite these days. Despite the vast array of fine cigars to choose from, however, only a handful of names reside in the category of "legendary." Padron is one such brand, and in the opinion of many, they reside at the very top.


Padron Cigars, as we know the brand, came into existence in 1964, when Jose O. Padron fled Cuba to Miami in hopes of bringing the pride and joy of his home country, his cigars, into the United States. He started from the bottom, basically selling cigars out of his residence to a handful of drug stores and convenience stores around Little Havana. Despite many obstacles and a rough beginning, Padron's products eventually caught on, demand and production grew more and more, and over the course of the next 50 years, Padron grew to become one of the most dominating and well-known cigar brands on the face of the planet. Few brands have received the attention, awards, and accolades that Padron has stacked up over the years. but the typical cigar smoker doesn't need a magazine rating or an in-depth article to know what Padron is all about. All that's necessary is a Padron cigar, a cutter, and a lighter. The first puff never lies, especially when it comes to anything born in the Padron factory in Nicaragua.

Cigar Review - Padron Maduro

Sure, Padron offers some of the most sought-after ultra-premium sticks around, such as the 1926 Series and the Family Reserve. That's all well and good, but the average cigar nut typically isn't too keen on dropping $25 on a smoke, even if it might be one of the best in the world. Thankfully, the folks at Padron still keep plenty of attention on their original line, the cigars that started it all. Reasonably priced and unmatched in terms of quality, the original brown label Padrons are literally in a league of their own.

Padron cigars, whether natural or maduro, are completely comprised of Nicaraguan sun-grown Habano tobacco. That would make them Nicaraguan puros, and unique puros at that, since the tobacco is 100% sun grown—something that is a rare find for any cigar, as sun grown tobacco requires much more attention and labor to produce than shade grown, and is therefore typically much more expensive. What's interesting about the Padron lineup is that whether it's the original line, the 1964, 1926, or Family Reserve, all the tobacco is the same. The only real differences are the primings of the leaves and the amount of time the tobacco is aged. There are no differences in terms of seed variety or growing region.

Both the natural and maduro varieties are phenomenal, but over the years I have come to have a great appreciation for the maduro version. What makes it interesting is that a Padron Maduro isn't what you would typically think of when you think about maduro cigars. The wrapper is medium-brown and extremely veiny and oily, with almost a reddish hue to it. Loosely rolled, rugged, and rustic in appearance, Padron Maduro provides a very unique smoking experience. It pairs very well with coffee, and in fact, for years Padron Maduro has been my Saturday morning cigar, always enjoyed alongside a hot cup of the stuff. Padron cigars are available in a huge variety of sizes, from a tiny petite corona to the massive 9x50 magnum, and everything in-between.

Cigar Review - Padron Maduro

The flavors of the Padron Maduro are sweet and smoky. An interesting combination, yes, but an enjoyable one no doubt. Dry puffing the Padron Maduro is like walking into a chocolate shop and taking a deep breath. Cocoa and cinnamon are the first things I pick up on a pre-light draw, with just a touch of mocha. Within moments of lighting it up, it's clear that Padron Maduro is a no-nonsense kind of cigar. It's classic, refined, complex, yet all the while bold and just the right bit of "rough around the edges." Enormous clouds of dense white smoke gush from the head of the cigar, at times almost enough to cause choking. As the smoke rolls around on my palate, I gather crazy amounts of Nicaraguan spice, but nothing too intense. It's just enough to give the cigar some attitude as it progresses into the complex flavor ballet. Earth, spice, nutmeg, coffee, all the while accompanied by a base flavor combo of chocolate and tobacco, dance across the taste buds in a way that only a Padron cigar can. It's smooth, yet spicy. Luxurious, yet simple. It's an experience that can't really be described in words. You just have to see for yourself. Relax in knowing, however, that there's really nothing bad to be said about the way a Padron tastes. It's something for everyone, beginner or connoisseur, whether celebrating or relaxing after lunch. Padron Maduro can easily become a go-to after the first try.

The flavors are amazing, no doubt, but there are plenty of cigars out there that taste great. What really makes Padron cigars shine, however, and what puts them in a class of their own, is the near-flawless construction and unreal consistency from cigar to cigar. Padron is unique in that their focus on quality is so high above literally any brand out there. I have to wonder what they did at the Padron factory to achieve this. One would think they painstakingly inspect each and every cigar before packaging, and that's a ton of cigars! The reality of the matter is this: premium cigars are handmade products, and any handmade product is going to have inconsistencies to an extent. Whether cigars, furniture, even automobiles, there's a varying degree of better or worse across the spectrum. Heck, even my favorite burger joint sometimes gives me food that doesn't taste quite right from time to time. It's a fact of life. Unfortunately, quality in the world of cigars is one of those things that can only be controlled to a certain extent. I've had entire boxes of ultra-premium cigars where literally half the box was tight or plugged. Others have tunnels, others crack; some just taste "off." It happens. However, this is what makes Padron a true legend. I've yet to find a brand on today's market that even comes close to the level of quality and consistency that I get with Padron. When all is said and done, 99.9% of the time you know exactly what you're gonna get when you buy a Padron. Have I had Padrons with construction issues? Of course, but as a whole, I'd say maybe 1 out of about every 30-40 sticks has an issue. Conversely, I've had $30 Fuente Forbidden Xs that were completely plugged. No brand is going to be perfect, but Padron definitely comes pretty darn close.

Cigar Review - Padron Maduro

Is there a downside to Padron Maduro? Good question. As hard as it is to find something wrong with it, there are a couple of minor things that tickle me the wrong way, but even they're not too big of a deal. For one thing, because of the way they're rolled, they don't hold much of an ash. After about an inch, the ash falls off every time without fail. Therefore, unless you get a thrill out of sweeping the floor, ash often when enjoying a Padron. The other thing is kind of subjective. On average, Padron cigars range from $6-8. Given the quality and one-of-a-kind smoking experience, I'd say the price is just right. However, I find Padron Maduro, and the natural version as far as that goes, to be one of the most versatile and enjoyable cigars on the market. That being said, I really wish I could smoke them all the time. I mean all the time, like a couple times a day. Unfortunately, though, on my salary that ain't happening. I just wish I could've enjoyed Padrons when they were $3-4 per stick about a decade or so ago. Maybe I'm just bitter. The good news, though, is that most cigar freaks don't smoke premium cigars more than a couple times a week, making plenty of room in the budget for this gem of a cigar.

In conclusion, Padron Maduro is a cigar that is suitable for any occasion and for any palate. Keep in mind, however, that the more seasoned your palate is, the more you will enjoy the complexity of the smoke. At an average price point and readily available at just about any place that sells fine cigars, Padron Maduro should have a permanent residence in each and every humidor of each and every person that enjoys premium tobacco products. The flavor is incredible, the quality is unmatched, and you can always take pleasure in knowing that when you reach for the stick with that skinny brown and white band, you're reaching for a cigar that's not only great, but absolutely legendary.

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Charlie H. 8 years ago at 11:53 PM
While I love the 1000 series (or any Padron for that matter) the 1926 & 1964 are my go-to Padron!
David Kozerow 8 years ago at 7:20 PM
Some of my favorite cigars
Wyatt Jones 8 years ago at 5:40 PM
Great cigars
Jonas Surkus 8 years ago at 9:15 PM
I love Padrons. However Maduro seems just a tad bit too strong for me. Natural is the way to go
Brian Williams 8 years ago at 1:11 AM
The Padron 5000 maduro has always been my favorite medium priced smoke, but for what it delivers, it borders on a premium smoke. I like the thicker ring gage of 56. It's true what was said, they all varieties are supremely consistent in burn, draw and that great Patron flavor. It's a particular, but classic flavor to me. The consistently even burn really convinces you that they are one of the best rollers in the market.
Charles M 8 years ago at 9:17 PM
I have some of all the Padrons. But the 7000 is one I try never to run out of. Get you a drowning and let it out slowly. It has a flavor unmatched. It is also unmatched in price.
Brian Williams 8 years ago at 9:43 PM
Thasks Charles, I'll have to try that. I don't think I have yet.

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