Best Groomsmen Cigar Wedding Gift Ideas

Best Groomsmen Cigar Wedding Gift Ideas
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Cigar Wedding Gift Ideas

If there's one thing that's associated with groomsmen, it's cigars. They can be found at the reception, at the bachelor party, and even at weddings. However, many groomsmen don't know the best cigars to smoke. They also don't have the tools needed to enjoy their cigars properly.

So if you're wondering which cigar gift would be perfect for that special day, here are groomsmen cigar gift ideas that really make an impression.

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2. A Cigar Gift With A Twist

You could so think about breaking with tradition when it comes to classic glasses. Instead, gift them a whiskey together with a cigar gift.

Each piece can be personalized as well. If you choose to personalize your gift, then the groomsmen will really know that you went that extra mile for them. Any time they use this whiskey glass and smoke a cigar you've gifted them, they'll be reminded of the great times you've had. Shop all the best brands of cigars.

3. A Cigar Case filled with Cigar Aficionado Top 25 Cigar Samplers

It's common to give whiskey and cigars as gifts. But there are ways you can tailor your groomsmen's gifts. You could, say, be choosing a gift for someone who doesn't drink a lot of whiskey. For a situation like that, a cigar case filled with top-ranked cigars can be perfect. Shop Cigar Aficionado's Top Ranked Cigars.

4. Butane Lighter That Is Etched

A lighter is essential if you want to light your cigar. Without a lighter, a cigar is useless. But do you want to settle for just any old lighter? A great gift idea is to provide everyone with butane lighters of their own that are etched. A butane lighter will help ensure that any time they want to light up a cigar, they have the perfect tool to use. Shop all the best cigar lighters.

5. Travel Humidor Gift Kit

Do you want to go all out when it comes to gifts for your groomsmen? If your groomsmen like to travel and smoke while on vacation, then they'll find everything they need to do that in this gift kit. Shop all our travel humidor gift sets!

6. Cigar Tools - Cutters, Lighters, Ashtray, Cigar Holders

cigar holder

Another great gift idea for your groomsmen is to gift them the tools they need to enjoy their stogies. Start with one or more tools. With a cigar tool kit, your groomsmen will be able to enjoy perfect draws every time they light a cigar. These tools can also easily fit inside of their pockets. This means that they'll have access to these tools throughout the wedding and can take them out any time they want to light a stogie. Consider adding a few cigars to your gift kit as well, so they can start using their cigar tools immediately. Shop all the name-brand cigar accessories.

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