The Best Cigars To Pair With Your Bourbon

The Best Cigars To Pair With Your Bourbon
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Bourbon Whiskey & Cigar Pairings

Whether it's sitting out on a beach during your vacation or in your office at home, a cigar can truly make any moment special. That being said, mixing this brown leaf with a strong brown liquid can actually make it much more of a complete experience.

The well-known and loved American whiskey, bourbon, is also known to be one of the best pairings for cigars. It is based on corn and is aged in charred oak; the liquid develops a sweet flavor that is filled with flavor perfect for blending with the taste of a cigar. Specifically, it works well to counteract the spicy and smoky notes present throughout some cigars.

As far as combining the two is concerned, there are many ways you can combine these two amazing items to create a flavorful experience. For example, some people prefer to just sip on their whiskey alongside a good cigar. On the other hand, there are also many methods that involve swirling the glass to get the aroma of both the bourbon and the cigar simultaneously.

However, no matter what methods suit you, it is imperative to have the right cigar. This is because not all cigars pair well with bourbon, and some might not have the spicy tones needed to counteract the whiskey's sweetness. So, to make sure you make the most of your bourbon and cigar experience, we have curated a list of the best cigars you can pair with bourbon whiskey.

10 Best Cigars To Pair With Bourbon

Ashton VSG

Drawn from an oily Ecuador Sumatra wrapper, the Ashton VSG is filled with various premium Dominican tobaccos. Thanks to this, it is full-bodied and one of the most popular cigars available on the market. The specific flavors of this cigar are predominantly cedar, leather, and spice. These make it the perfect blend for combining with a great bourbon.

As far as the bourbon is concerned, you would be best off looking for one with a sweeter taste that can balance out the spiciness of the Ashton VSG. A perfect mix will allow you to experience a woody tone that makes it all the more luscious. SHOP NOW

Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro

If you are looking for a medium or full-bodied cigar, the Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro might be the right one for your bourbon pair. It has a Nicaraguan profile and is filled with coffee and leather flavors that bring out spiciness and elegance. Along with this, the flavors are perfectly blended to provide you with a balanced hit of taste and spice.

When it comes to pairing this cigar with bourbon, we would suggest a stronger flavored bourbon that has its own unique flavor palette. This would offset the balance of the cigar but allow you to truly enjoy the bourbon with a boost from the cigar's zestiness. That being said, avoid anything too strong as it may overpower the cigar completely. SHOP NOW

My Father Le Bijou 1922

Blended from tobaccos grown on the renowned Garcia fields, My Father Le Bijou is an award-winning cigar that is perfect for all occasions. Along with being an impeccable pairing with bourbon, it can also be smoked alone for an equally intense flavor. This is possible thanks to the radiant peppery spices, cocoa, and espresso notes present in this amazing cigar. Along with this, it is wrapped in a Nicaraguan Oscuro wrapper that allows for a full-bodied flavor.

Due to the intensity of this cigar's taste, finding the perfect bourbon to pair it with is quite a hassle. While you can basically mix it with anything, you will truly enjoy the spices when you pair it with a strong and smoke bourbon. Specifically, something with hints of vanilla or caramel will allow you to get the best release of aroma and taste. SHOP NOW


punch cigar

As the name suggests, punch is an amazing cigar that gives your mouth a punch of both aroma and flavor. It is a great match with bourbon thanks to the flavor notes of pepper, cedar, and various others, giving it a full palette. Along with this, this cigar is within a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that gives it a medium-bodied profile. An added benefit of Punch is that it is one of the most cost-efficient cigars on the list.

When it comes to the bourbon best paired with Punch, we would suggest something that has a punch in itself. For example, a great option would be Jim Beam, as it has the flavors and notes needed to offset and blend with the cigar. Moreover, you can also look for something with a strong note of vanilla, as this is known to go well with Punch. SHOP NOW

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor

While it may not be the oldest cigar around, La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor has the personality of a professional. Essentially, this cigar is a medium to full-bodied option that can be found in chocolate-hued wrappers and filled with Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. These, combined with amazing blending, allow this cigar to showcase notes of cocoa, spice, pepper, and even cherries.

The unique blend of flavors is what makes La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor a great mix for bourbon pairing. That being said, to make sure you get the most out of the pairing, we would suggest a sweeter bourbon that can mix well with the spicy notes. SHOP NOW

Perdomo Lot 23

The Perdomo Lot 23 is a cigar that provides an intense range of cedar, leather, and coffee flavor mixed with a profile of earthy spices. This allows it to blend well with the sweet taste of most bourbons and gives you a contemporary taste and smell simultaneously. This is also indebted to the Nicaraguan tobaccos present within the cigar.

The best bourbon whiskey to pair with this cigar is, without a doubt, the Jim Beam Rye. Not only does it have the perfect vanilla and oak notes to blend with the cigar's aroma, but it is also perfect for smoothening the smoke's intensity. SHOP NOW

Cain Habano

Cain Habano is a mix between intensity and smoothness, making it great both alone and when paired with bourbon. The cigar has a blend of strong Nicaraguan fillers within a Cuban-seed wrapper that makes it well-rounded throughout. Moreover, with some notes of wood and pepper, you are sure to enjoy this with any strong alcohol.

To be specific, with the best bourbon pairing for this cigar, we would suggest a stronger bourbon that can truly overpower yet also promote the cigar's smoke. Something that is higher than 70 proof would truly be an amazing time for both beginners to this pairing and even the most learned professionals. SHOP NOW


For those less enthusiastic with intense flavors, Montecristo is sure to be the one for you. It offers a balanced flavor thanks to the blend of filler tobaccos mixed with a Dominican binder. Along with this, you get a hint of spiciness that is enough to make it a great match with bourbon whiskey.

That being said, when looking for the right bourbon to pair with this amazingly balanced cigar, something similar would do well. Specifically, a lighter flavored bourbon that has smooth tastes will allow the cigar to flourish. Something stronger can also work, but you may end up losing the essence of the pairing. SHOP NOW

Bourbon & Cigars

Whether you are planning on enjoying these pairings on your next vacation or are looking for new daily ideas, they are sure to get you going. Specifically, this combination of bourbon and cigars is one that can clear your mind and provide relaxation with an immense blend of taste and aroma. So, be sure to amp up your taste buds to comprehend the unique sweet and spicy tones you'll experience.

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