2021 Year in Review: Best Selling Cigar Brands

2021 Year in Review: Best Selling Cigar Brands
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Top 10 Best Selling Cigar Brands at Cigar Place

10. Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real

The Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real is a softer, milder, and creamier version of the classic Romeo Y Julieta we have come to know and love. Going from the original tried-and-true recipe, Altadis introduced a hint of Nicaraguan tobacco into the filler and added more flavor with a Nicaraguan binder. The shining moment with a Reserva Real, though, is the silky, light brown Connecticut-shade Ecuadorian wrapper. The flavor which this wrapper imparts on the cigar is truly transformative. What was once a classic, the Reserva Real feels less like a simple change but a rebirth for a new generation. Shop Now

9. New World by A.J. Fernandez

A.J. Fernandez is a hot name in the cigar industry right now. From his San Lotano, to his Diesel, and Pinolero, it seems each cigar he has his hands on turns to gold, and with good reason. Each of these cigars is a great medium-to-full bodied stick at an amazing price point. Released in 2014, New World by AJ Fernandez is a collaboration with his father, Ismael Fernandez, who came out of retirement after working 17 years with Plasencia. Shop Now

8. Montecristo White

The Montecristo White is an epic cigar you’ll wish you has tried sooner. Created by a brand that sits at the highest of heights when it comes to tobacco and handmade in the Dominican Republic by skilled torcedors who have perfected the art of the roll, these elegant vitolas are masterpieces of smooth, rich flavor. Beneath the stark white double bands emblazoned with gold markings, you’ll find a flawless Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapped like a warm blanket atop a Nicaraguan binder that expertly contains the premium Dominican and Nicaraguan longleaf filler at the core. Shop Now

Cigar Aficionado has announced their 2019 #1 Cigar of the Year, the Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Maestro!

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua cigars are a collaboration between Boutique Blends and master blender AJ Fernandez. Boutique Blends' Quattro line is their most successful project to date. With the addition of Quattro Nicaragua, it's quickly lining up to be one of the finest offerings in the Aging Room stable. This superlative Nicaraguan puro is manufactured in Nicaragua at AJ's factory, Tabacalera Fernandez. Shop Now

6. Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne

Odds are, if you've smoked a Perdomo cigar, it was a Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne. Famous for a reason, including but not limited to a stellar 95 rating, it is one of the smoothest, most balanced stogies available anywhere. It's old news by now that Nick Perdomo is one of the most customer-friendly cigar makers out there due to his efforts to keep his smokes affordable by absorbing tax hikes and keeping as much production in-house as possible, and the Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne is no different. Priced about what they have been for years, each is still constructed with a filler and binder grown in dark Nicaraguan soils on Perdomo's own farms, and a true Connecticut shade wrapper seals the deal. Shop Now

5. Deadwood

Deadwood Cigars from Drew Estate are now available nationwide, and for anyone who knows the story, that is kind of a big deal. See, as the story goes, when Jonathan Drew was just getting off his feet in the tobacco business (and struggling to do so), hardly anyone was open to the out-of-the-ordinary sticks he had to offer. He had a tough time finding retailers to carry his radically different tobacco products, which at the time were marketed under his first slogan, “Know Your Direction.” The good news is that there were a handful of select retailers that agreed to do business with Jonathan Drew and his partner, 14 retailers nationwide during his first year or so, to be exact. Shop Now.

ACID brand, and in this case he has made a dream come true for coffee-loving cigar smokers worldwide. The regular production Tabak Especial brand is available in 2 blends, Dulce and Negra. Both contain infused Nicaraguan filler and binder tobacco. For Dulce, the wrapper is an aged shade-grown Connecticut leaf, while the Negra variety sports a dark Connecticut Broadleaf maduro. The two varieties share plenty of similarities in the flavor department, so it basically comes down to whether you are more a fan of maduro or natural sticks. Either way, Tabak Especial boasts an ideal balance of tobacco and coffee flavor, so even non-fans of flavored cigars will likely enjoy the unique taste. Shop Now

3. Oliva Serie V

The notable Serie V is the crown jewel of the Oliva Cigar Company in Nicaragua. For years, if not decades, Oliva has been among the very top suppliers of cigar tobacco in the world. When they decided to start making their own brands of cigars, people started paying more attention. Then, when Serie V was introduced, the entire world of cigars went crazy, and for many years this ultra-premium treat was one of the hardest sticks to get a hold of. Made by the top rollers at Oliva, Serie V consists of Nicaraguan Jalapa Valley ligero fillers, a spicy Nicaraguan binder, and a gorgeous sun-grown Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. This is one beast of a cigar, and well it should be, as it helped start the “powerhouse” cigar movement, when tastes went from full-flavored to extremely-full-flavored. Shop Now

2. Oliva Serie V Melanio

Serie V Melanio is the crowning achievement of the Oliva Cigar Company. Five years in the making, this high-end Nicaraguan masterpiece is lovingly crafted by a select handful of some of the best torcedors the world has to offer, using aged ligero filler and binder tobacco from Nicaragua and a gorgeous Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper. Ultra-refined, yet powerful and pleasurable. Shop Now

1. Acid

ACID cigars really need no introduction, as for fans of flavored sticks, there is simply no superior. It all started some two decades ago when a young man by the name of Jonathan Drew (you may have heard of him) decided to turn his dreams into reality. ACID is actually an acronym for Arielle Chester Industrial Design, a name decided upon after Jonathan Drew and Acid co-founder Marvin Samel teamed up with artist Scott Chester when the project began. Dedicating everything he had into blending the most amazing flavored cigars the world had ever known, he took risks nobody else dared to. Shop Now

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