Asylum 13 Oblongata Maduro 60x6 Pack of 5 Cigars

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Asylum 13 Oblongata Maduro 60x6 Pack of 5 Cigars

Asylum 13 Oblongata Maduro 60 x 6 is the second installment in Asylum’s Medulla Oblongata series, and this one is for fans of rich, bold maduro cigars. Like its natural predecessor, Oblongata Maduro is made by hand in the Eiroa family’s El Aladino factory in Honduras. Unlike the original, however, which was a true Honduran puro, this Maduro version utilizes a high-priming San Andres Maduro wrapper from Mexico. The filler and binder blend remains the same: 100 % premium Jamastran Corojo leaves grown by the Eiroas in Honduras. Keeping with the Medulla Oblongata theme, this blend was also originally offered in boxes of both Medulla (traditional parejo) and Oblongata (box-pressed) variants, but now each version is available for separate purchase. This blend is revered by many to be the best Asylum release to date but trust us when we say the cigars speak for themselves.

Dark brown and gold chests and bold brown tissue wrap on each stick keeps with the Medulla Oblongata theme. The Oblongata, as previously mentioned, is a box-pressed shaped vitola. Speaking of construction, Christian Eiroa and company are always sure to guarantee cigars that provide amazing performance each and every time. This means each puff is sure to draw a thick cloud of buttery-smooth smoke, ensuring plenty of opportunity to enjoy the masterfully blended flavor profile that Eiroa worked so hard to fine-tune. The first puffs bring about a crystal-clear demonstration of San Andres Maduro flavor, including a hefty dose of dark chocolate, a hint of espresso, and plenty of nutty and creamy goodness. The earthy background of the flavor profile is no doubt provided by the Jamastran Corojo leaves, and this earthy flavor is spiked with no shortage of black pepper and cayenne. The finish is short and spicy, but overall, the main theme here is classic tobacco flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. Medium-full-bodied, this complex flavor bomb is sure to satisfy the cravings of any true maduro enthusiast. The fat and hefty 60 x 6 comes in at 6” x 60 and offers a lengthy, mellow smoking experience full to the brim with flavor.

Appropriate for a wide variety of experience levels, but aimed at experienced connoisseurs, Asylum 13 Oblongata Maduro couldn’t be a better total package. As a maduro follow-up to the original natural blend, this stick bridges so many gaps and makes for a fantastic counterpart to complete the collection. Oblongata Maduro pairs beautifully with coffee or dark beer and serves as a delightful cigar to enjoy any time of the day. Fans of such San Andres-cloaked sticks as Aging Room Quattro Maduro or EP Carrillo’s celebrated La Historia will doubtless be impressed by the familiar flavor profile demonstrated here. Plastered across the decorated wooden chest is the brand slogan “Everyone Seeks Asylum.” A play on words indeed, but it begs the question, are YOU seeking Asylum? If not, we certainly recommend it! Get your hands on Asylum 13 Oblongata Maduro 60 x 6 today and see just what it is that everyone is going so crazy over.

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Additional Information
Strength ●●●●○ Medium-Full
Brand Asylum 13
Packaging Pack of 5
Size 6 x 60
Wrapper San Andres
Binder Honduran
Filler Honduran
Origin Honduras
Shape Gordo Box-Pressed
Rating filter No
Weight 0.30 lb


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