Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 3

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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 3 Cigars

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 3 is a true cigar lover's cigar. No introduction is essential, as anyone who has been in the cigar game for any length of time has heard the name a time or two. As a brand, Arturo Fuente is among the best-selling cigar brands in America and usually, sits at the very top. There's a reason for that. No other brand offers such a phenomenal combination of immense quality, variety, and affordability as Fuente. In the case of Don Carlos, we see an aficionado's dream-come-true. Blended by and named after the brand's patriarch, Carlos Fuente Sr., Don Carlos uses ultra-premium Dominican filler and binder tobaccos beneath a one-of-a-kind Cameroon wrapper. These tobacco leaves are aged as long as 10 years before rolling, and the finished cigars spend much more time maturing before being shipped out. The finished product is what many consider to be one of the finest cigars ever made.

Now boasting new black and gold packaging and bands, these golden-brown beauties are every bit as pretty as they are tasty. An opening blast of cedar starts things off, quickly followed by a vast array of sweet, nutty flavors that dance around on the palate as if performing a skilled ballet routine. Earthy, rich tobacco flavor holds the blend together, followed by a sweet burst on the finish. The underlying floral goodness from the Cameroon wrapper is notable, and the overall strength is a definite medium-full. At 5 1/2" x 44, the No. 3 is perhaps the best way to taste the creamy Cameroon flavor from the wrapper leaf.

For any experienced connoisseur, Don Carlos is a no-brainer. Don Carlos offers an experience incomparable to any Cameroon cigar on the market. Whether as a celebration cigar, a gift, or just a way to close out a busy work week on Friday night, Don Carlos fits the bill as a go-to ultra-premium stick. It is best enjoyed with a premium beverage such as single malt scotch or aged port wine, though many merely enjoy it alongside a glass of water to fully appreciate the delicate complexity of the blend. Don Carlos stands as a symbol of what the Fuente brand is all about. Most folks familiar with the name have tried the Gran Reserva, Sungrown, and maybe even a Magnum R or two, and those are all fantastic cigars. However, the Fuente brand is all about being the best. When that is the goal, the brand's flagship cigar has to be not only good, but mind-blowing. We have all heard of the fabled Opus X, which many consider to be the Fuentes' crowning achievement, and without a doubt, it is. However, the real "top-tier" offering from the Fuentes as far as the general cigar smoking population goes is the Don Carlos, no ifs, ands, or buts. For a taste of authentic quality and craftsmanship, as well as a cigar made with unmatched passion and ambition towards perfection, reach no farther than Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 3.

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Additional Information
Strength ●●●○○ Medium
Brand Arturo Fuente Don Carlos
Size 5 1/ 2 x 44
Wrapper African Cameroon
Binder Dominican
Filler Dominican
Origin Dominican Republic
Shape Corona
Rating filter No
Weight 0.00 lb


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