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Yarguera H. Upmann

Yarguera H. Upmann

H. Upmann smokes have been revered and respected since 1844, first from Cuba and then later out of the Dominican Republic, so you know the name is not being used carelessly in the branding of Yarguera H. Upmann cigars. However, what makes this particular stogie so noteworthy has less to do with the ‘H. Upmann’ part and is all about the newly developed tobacco hybrid called ‘Yarguera.' First cultivated in Honduras from Cuban-seed in the 1960’s, today’s Yarguera was crossed with Criollo ’98 to create a lush and hearty leaf perfect for blending and rolling. For this cigar, shade-grown Yarguera is used as the wrapper while a sun-grown variety is used as filler alongside its cousin Criollo ’98, also used as the binder.

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