Alec Bradley Coyol Toro

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There’s a bevy of Alec Bradley smokes to choose from, but when the chips are down the wise smoker grabs an Alec Bradley Coyol Toro cigar and just rolls with it. Moreover, why not? This medium to full strength beauty is loaded to the gills with flavor and character. Lots of character. That is because this cigar is rolled with a majority of tobacco sourced from one farm deep in the valleys of Honduras. Can you guess the name of the farm? It is really not that hard. OK, OK, the name if Coyol. Anyway, this small farm produces some of the finest tobacco in the land, unified in its quality but with enough variety to serve as a wrapper, one of the binders, and a considerable portion of the filler alongside some Nicaraguan longleaf from Condega and Esteli.


Sure, an Alec Bradley Coyol Toro looks mighty rugged sitting in your hand, but that is part of the cigar’s charm. The Coyol farm is not in the business of producing pretty leaf, just the best Honduran tobaccos possible. The result is a toothy, mottled, 6” X 52 stick that’s somewhat veiny and bumpy but carries a succulent aroma of tobacco and fresh hay and a tingle of spice on the lips. Lit, the well-packed barrel begins straightaway pumping out thick plumes of coffee and cocoa flavored smoke, with hints of the cinnamon and toffee that begin to bloom soon after the sweet spot. At times either early or late in your smoking, expect bursts of marshmallow, cedar, nutmeg, dried cherries, and leather to all take turns creating one of the most complex profiles you are likely to find.


Much praise has been heaped upon the 93-rated Alec Bradley Coyol Toro here at Cigarplace and elsewhere, including a coveted spot in the Top 25 of 2016. However, don’t just take anyone’s word for it. Grab one or ten and see for yourself. Pair with a hearty rum or a sweet craft soda for an excellent moment of contemplation. There’s no shame in coming back for more.

Additional Information
Strength ●●●●○ Medium-Full
Brand Alec Bradley Coyol
Size 6 x 52
Wrapper Honduran
Binder Nicaraguan
Filler Honduran, Nicaraguan
Origin Honduras
Shape Toro
Rating filter No
Weight 0.00 lb


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