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Acid Twenty Toro

  • Box of 20
  • Single Cigar
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Many of the cigars coming out of Drew Estate have a love-it or hate-it reputation, none more so than the psychedelically-infused Acid brand, but the fact that the Acid 20 Toro was created to celebrate the frontmark’s twentieth anniversary shows that these wickedly delicious smokes have some serious staying power. With their sweet and savory combination of essential oils, herbs, and botanicals, Acids may not fit into every aficionado’s wheelhouse, but for those who seek out flavors at the edge of possibility, then these sticks are the pinnacle of the blender’s craft. Hewing close to the infused profile favored by so many smokers, the Acid 20 Toro is comprised of a sticky, oily Mexican San Andres wrapper overtop a spicy Indonesian binder that is more than capable of containing the juicy Nicaraguan longleaf filler within.

Those familiar with the Acid brand may find the lack of a descriptive color in the black and silver double bands somewhat disconcerting as to what types of flavors can be expected, but the silhouette of a wild-haired rider astride his motorcycle within the ‘20’ should serve as a familiar guide. Lightly box pressed and with a sweetened square head, each solid Acid 20 Toro 6” X 50 vitola sits nestled among tobacco leaves within a sturdy wooden box holding twenty-four hand rolled beauties. Alight, these well-crafted cigars flood the palate with oak, cocoa, nutmeg, spun sugar, allspice, rich cream, stone fruit, and red pepper. Certainly unusual and quite complex, but that’s all part of the plan.

Despite being easy to smoke thanks to a medium strength and body, the otherworldly tastes of these cigars are meant for the more adventurous enthusiasts out there. If that’s you, or you are already a fan of Jonathan Drew’s other masterpieces, then the remarkable Acid 20 Toro is going to blow your mind.

Additional Information
Strength Flavored
Brand Acid
Size 6 x 50
Wrapper San Andres Mexico
Binder Indonesian
Filler Nicaraguan
Origin Nicaragua
Shape Toro


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