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Acid Seven Wonders Sampler

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The Acid Seven Wonders Sampler consists of over two decades of herbal essences, spices and botanical infusions that have made ACID the most popular infused cigars ever. The seven sticks in this sampler were selected to represent ACID’s multi-world of blends, flavors, aromas, strengths and shapes. These prime sticks need no introduction to ACID fans and fans of flavored sticks alike, making this wonder of a sampler a great gift for those that have taken that ACID trip before. It's also for those that consider themselves Odysseus enough to leave the capsule, if they dare, of the traditional and explore the entire range of kaleidoscope tastes never imagined in premium cigars.

The ACID Seven Wonders Sampler Includes:

1 x ACID Kuba Kuba (5"x 54, ●●○○○ Mild-Medium) Sumatra wrapper, fat robusto. Each puff you take covers your palate in not only the wonderful tastes of premium tobacco, but also floral notes as well. The aroma that fills the room from the smoke of this well-crafted cigar are enticing to smoker and non-smoker alike.

1 x ACID Kuba Kuba Maduro (5" x 54, ●●○○○ Mild-Medium) Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, a rich twist on an ACID favorite.

1 x ACID Deep Dish (5" x 58, ●●○○○ Mild-Medium) Sumatra wrapper, rich, velvety smoke with toasty sweetness Earthiness: Sumatra wrapper, very full-bodied corona.

1 x ACID Atom Maduro (5" x 50, ●●○○○ Mild-Medium) Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper.

1 x ACID Blondie Belicoso (5" x 54, ●●○○○ Mild-Medium) Connecticut Shade wrapper, a powerhouse cigar that is slightly sweet. Blondie’s delicious flavor in a larger size.

1 x ACID One (5" x 54, ●●○○○ Mild-Medium) Cameroon wrapper, non-aromatic; torpedo.

1 x ACID Liquid (5" x 50, ●●○○○ Mild-Medium) Connecticut Shade wrapper, robusto; fuller, rich taste.

Additional Information
Strength Flavored
Brand Acid
Packaging Box of 7
Size Assorted
Wrapper Assortment
Binder Assortment
Filler Assortment
Origin Nicaragua
Shape Assortment


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