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Rocky Patel Super Ligero Toro Pack of 5 Cigars

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A new day has dawned and it looks like Rocky Patel has decided to compete against the strongest full-bodied brutes in the premium cigar arena by carding a formidable champion-to-be with his Rocky Patel Super Ligero Toro cigar. Of course, this is not Rocky’s first time in the ring, not by a long shot. In fact, his release of the original The Edge nearly a decade ago could arguably be credited with launching the modern smoker’s fascination with ever more robust cigars. The outer layers of the 6 1/2" x 52 Rocky Patel Super Ligero Toro wear Ecuadorian Habano for wrapper and binder, but its true power is drawn from the Costa Rican and Nicaraguan Triple Ligeros at the core, blended to render unconscious those who seek to challenge fate.


Fermented to a glistening mahogany brown, the sturdy wrapper is lightly veined and has been applied with enough skill as to appear a uniform shield protecting the solidly packed tobaccos within. The variegated ligeros, streaked with black and reeking of cedar, almost scowl from the foot as though taunting the smoker with their potential to wreak havoc on even the most experienced of palates. Unsurprisingly, the Super Ligero comes out swinging hard and heavy but there is a deftness and amazing finesse behind the punches. With the palate as its target, thick heady smoke delivers blow after blow of rich toasted oak, almonds, savory spices, and even a jab of burnt sugar sweetness.


Don’t be surprised if your head is spinning a bit after taking on a Rocky Patel Super Ligero Toro, especially if you’re an inexperienced cigar-pugilist. There’s no fear of any permanent damage because the brain rattling is part of the experience and the euphoria it provides lasts long after you’ve laid the stick to rest. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing one of these supreme smokes and soon enough you’ll look to repeat the victory again and again.

Additional Information
Strength Full
Brand Rocky Patel Super Ligero
Size 6 1/2 x 52
Wrapper Habano
Binder Habano
Filler Costa Rican, Mexican
Origin Honduras
Shape Toro

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