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Partagas Triple Torch Cigar Lighter

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The Partagas Triple Flame Torch Lighter is just what the doctor ordered to get the job done in a pinch. It makes an excellent gift for any guy on your list. No man should ever be without a reliable lighter, and this Partagas Triple Flame Torch Lighter definitely will stand up to the rigorous use and abuse that most guys throw at their everyday carry items.


One of the great things about this lighter over some other ones is that it is long and slender because sometimes you do not want a substantial, bulky lighter taking up a ton of space in your dress pants or sportscoat pocket. The drawback to that is that it does not have a super large fuel reservoir, but it holds more than enough butane to light a few cigars in one night. This lighter also features a fold-out Cigar Punch, saving you the need to carry a separate cigar cutter with you, if you do not want to. Dads, Granddads, Uncles, Brothers and all the other men in your life could use one of these in their stocking this Christmas.


The Partagas Triple Flame Torch Lighter is not only well-suited for the pocket, but also as a backup lighter in the golf bag, glove box, garage, man-cave, or smoking den. Special for the holiday season, we are also offering Free Domestic Shipping on your entire order with the purchase of this item, and you are getting one great deal!


The Partagas Triple Flame Torch Lighter includes the following features:

  • Three Separate Butane Jets
  • Built-in Cigar Punch Cutter
  • All Metal Body Construction
  • Black Color Scheme
  • Comes in a Gift Box
  • Free Shipping On Your Entire CigarPlace Order
Additional Information
Type Lighters
Fuel Level Window No
Brand Partagas

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