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MYM - Big Brand Bedlam v2.0 Cigar Sampler

MYM - Big Brand Bedlam v2.0 Cigar Sampler

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Our MYM – Big Brand Bedlam V2.0 Cigar Sampler is comprised of some of the most popular cigars from among our Five-Pack Feeding Frenzy offerings along with a few others for good measure. The cigars in this sampler cover a variety of sizes mostly ranging from Robustos through Super Gordos, so there’s a smoke in here for just about everyone. This sampler is perfect for guys just starting out and looking to try a bit of everything but also for the man looking to stock his mooch-a-dor with a selection of quality sticks for his buddies to choose from.


Our MYM – Big Brand Bedlam Cigar Sampler includes the following:


1 - Alec Bradley Seconds Robusto Extra – 5 1/2" x 54 - These Alec Bradley 2nds are produced at the same Raices Cubanas factory along with all of the other Alec Bradley sticks as well as sticks from Viaje, Illusione, and others. Now there are many reasons a cigar could be determined to be a second and they include a small variation in size from the production line, a blemish or extra thick vein on the wrapper, or maybe their color did not match enough others to go in a box. However, regarding smoking quality, they are often determined to be just as good as their boxed brethren.

1 - Alec Bradley Raices Cubanas Robusto – 5 1/4” x 52 - Creamy yet peppery from a freshly lit foot, the ample billowing smoke is at first medium bodied and crisp in the nose. On towards a midpoint razor straight and burning cool, a grainy sweetness like fresh bread becomes apparent, backed by some coffee overtones and a caramel sweetness. Watch out for a spike in strength near the end once a rich earthiness makes an entrance.(Substituted with Churchill)


1 - Camacho Triple Maduro Robusto – 5” x 50 - The flavors of toasty cedar and oak fill the mouth with each puff, with the nose discerning loads of spice on the exhale. The further into the cigar the smoker travels the more vibrant the experience becomes, with dark espresso layered with earth and sweet cocoa. The finale is a crescendo of strength and savory goodness all packed into thick, creamy smoke.


1 - Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged Robusto – 5” x 50 - A fully lit NBA immediately begins filling the mouth with reams of shockingly bright smoke loaded with the taste of sugarcane and enhanced by white pepper, leather, and toasted oak. The rum becomes evident as the sweetness boils down towards molasses, but mostly as an enhancement to the cafe con leche and dark cocoa flavors that fill these medium-to-full strength treasures. (Substituted with Toro)


1 - EPC Cardinal Series Natural 56 – 5 1/2” 56 - The cigar begins building a solid ash while pumping out intense flavors of brown sugar and charred wood with plenty of spice. The smoke smooths out at the sweet spot, but it continues to build in complexity and strength until it reaches its peak about the halfway mark, with a profile awash in black pepper, sweet biscuit, and dark fruit prevalent through to the cool burning nub.


1 - Gurkha Beast XO – 6” x 60 - Once you wrestle the Beast with a strong flame, it will slowly fight back with thick clouds of smoke heavy with espresso and spice, dark berries and cedar. As the fire rages gradually towards your waiting maw over a two-hour burn time, expect a flavorful release of creamy cedar and leather, along with a raw molasses finish that keeps the medium-full strength from going entirely out of control.


1 - Gurkha Beauty XO – 6” x 60 - Always a smooth draw and always a razor-sharp burn, Gurkha Beauty gives off massive amounts of silky white smoke. This stick treats the palate to a soft, creamy flavor profile of sweet tobacco with hints of nutmeg and cedar. A bit of spice on the finish is the icing on the cake, and this cigar only gets better as it is smoked.


1 - Leaf by Oscar Corojo Robusto – 5” x 50 - Get ready for jealous glances as the fragrant aroma of a LEAF by Oscar Corojo wafts into the night sky, propelled by cocoa, black coffee, cedar, and a touch of red pepper. Instead of cellophane, the torcedors have laid each stick inside of a leaf of tobacco for aging and protection, and once this is removed, you will be met with a dark and glistening cigar just begging to be smoked.


1 - RP Cargo Churchill – 7” x 50 - Once they smell the rich floral aroma and catch sight of the steady burn, they will be clamoring for a flame to be able to savor the creamy leather and bold espresso flavors all for themselves. Break out the sipping rum to take everyone to the end of the journey and find yourself the hero everyone deserves.


1 - New World Connecticut Toro – 6” x 52 - The real beauty of this cigar is the fact the creamy nature of the wrapper leaf plays off the spicier filler tobacco perfectly and gives a fantastic complexity to this smoke. While this may feature the traditional mild body one would expect from a Connecticut wrapped stogie, it remains exceptionally flavorful.


1 - No Name Cheap A$$ Cigar Cutter – Black - The Cheap A$$ Cigar Cutter is the perfect thing to always have on hand. Not only does this simple black plastic guillotine cutter get the job done, but you will not go crazy if it all of a sudden grows legs.

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NiceReview by Augustas
Good cigars for a good price ... a lot of different cigars to choose from and try... what else can you ask ? (Posted on 1/21/2018)

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