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MYM - Aging Room Vault Cigar Sampler

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Aging Room has been a brand that is often overlooked and with no good reason. Blender Rafael Nodal has been blending and rolling cigars for decades now for companies like Oliveros, King Havano, and SWAG Domincano. In 2011, Boutique Blends, the parent company of Aging Room cigars, received honors from Cigar Aficionado magazine, when they awarded the Aging Room Small Batch M356 to their Top 25 list for the year. The following year, the Aging Room F55 Concerto was named the No. 2 Cigar of the year in the same Top 25 list as well. Aging Room has brought back some old favorites and some new stars for us to feature in our MYM – Aging Room Vault Cigar Sampler.


Our MYM – Aging Room Vault Cigar Sampler includes the following:


1 - Aging Room Quattro F55 Concerto – 7” x 50 – (Rated 95) - Earthy and thick, the smoke that coats the palate once the cigar is lit is bright white and lingers in the nose to call forth fine oak and gentle nutmeg. At some point during the second third, an orange-like sweetness can be noticed on the tip of the tongue while the rest of the mouth-tingling flavors increase in strength and spiciness. The finale of the cigar slams into high gear, a spicy-sweet rush you will not want to put down.


1 - Aging Room Quattro F55 Maduro Concerto – 7” x 50 - It is almost like a solid bar of chocolate you will want to bite into, but the aroma is more of cedar and dry cocoa powder so you should probably just smoke it. After removing the red and gold foot band and cutting the head, puff slowly while applying a steady flame to be rewarded with the initial tastes of nougat and almonds.


1 - Aging Room Quattro F59 Concerto – 7” x 50 – (Rated 89) - The first flavors to come booming from the cigar are of creamy cedar and mild spice. Entering the middle third, the profile expands to include leather, coffee, semi-sweet cocoa, and dried fruit, while the dawning of the final long moments contains hints of salted caramel, almonds, and toasted malt.

1 - Aging Room Bin No. 1 D Major – 6” x 54 – (Rated 90) - A perfectly applied golden Habano wrapper slick with oil and which displays a few veins and noticeable tooth to create an eye-pleasing, lip-teasing stogie. A cold test reveals a perfect draw and the subtle flavors of toasted rye bread and cocoa. Indeed more bold when lit, the Bin No. 1 vitola creates thick clouds of sweet-smelling smoke that tastes of earth, red pepper, graham cracker, cinnamon, molasses, and vanilla.


1 - Aging Room Havao Treble – (Rated 91) - Cedar and black pepper are the first savory flavors to be detected as the cool smoke roils from the sharply burning foot, with some nutmeg evident during any retrohale. The sweet spot releases a rich cream element to the profile, preventing the strength from rising above an easy mild-medium but keeping the tongue from becoming bored. Finishing with warm vanilla and toasted almonds, you will savor every puff until forced to lay down the nub.


1 - Aging Room M356 Rondo – 5” x 50 - (Rated 94) – The experience begins with a burst of spicy pepper throughout the palate and into the throat. That intensity remains as nuances of brown sugar and hints of cocoa become apparent. There is a toasty, rich body overall and a clean, peppery finish.


1 - Aging Room Maduro Rondo – 5” x 50 – (Rated 89) - It is almost as though skilled torcedors poured molten chocolate over the Habano binder instead of rolling a fermented leaf around it. There is a slight cocoa aroma as well, but additional scents of earth and spice will bring you back around to smoking instead of taking a bite. Loamy and rich immediately after lighting, a solidly burning Aging Room Maduro will morph in profile to be full of nutmeg and leather one moment, mocha and cedar and sweet tobacco the next.

Additional Information
Strength Medium-Full
Brand Aging Room
Size Assorted
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