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MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured Just A Friend

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MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured Just a Friend may just be the most unique cigar you will ever smoke. An extension to the hugely successful My Uzi Weighs a Ton (MUWAT) brand, Kentucky Fire Cured is classic Drew Estate mastery at its best. While fire cured tobacco has actually been around for hundreds of years, MUWAT KFC is the first modern cigar to step outside the box and truly make use of it. For the sake of education, normal tobacco is air cured, but the premium fire cured Kentucky and Virginia leaves in KFC are left hanging in special curing barns that “smoke” the tobacco, so to speak. Not only does this impart the most unique of flavor characteristics, but fire cured tobacco tends to be smoother and richer than air cured selections on average. In the case of KFC, these fire cured leaves are rolled inside a dark San Andres Maduro wrapper along with a high-end blend of Nicaraguan and Brazilian longfillers. The end result is a complete package that entirely takes on the smoky flavor of the fire cured tobaccos at its core.


As is the case with any cigar born in the Drew Estate factory in Nicaragua, MUWAT KFC boasts immaculate construction. Dark, rich, and oily, KFC is rugged and beautiful at the same time. Pre-light aroma is one that sticks in your memory—its reminiscent of that shirt your wore the last time you hosted a backyard BBQ. Remember, that smoky one? The best part is that its aroma is only the beginning. Upon lighting, blasts of thick white smoke fill the room with an aroma similar to a fresh campfire. Anyone with experience with latakia pipe tobacco will know this intense smell. Flavor-wise, KFC performs beautifully as it delivers immense doses of oak, hickory, and maple—the three woods used in the curing of the core tobacco. Bold, meaty flavor mingled with earthy maduro sweetness oozes across the palate, delivering rich, woody notes that gain intensity with each puff. Full-bodied, aromatic, and ultra-smooth, KFC is a cigar that not only will start conversations, but is quite a satisfying premium stick. Though not truly an “infused” cigar such as Jonathan Drew’s Acid brand, KFC is most definitely a stick that puts out boatloads of “different” flavor. Whether or not to consider it to be a truly “flavored” cigar is entirely up to you.


For the vast majority of cigar fanatics, Kentucky Fire Cured will leave behind a positive and unforgettable memory. Unlike Acid, which has a distinct following, Kentucky Fire Cured should appeal to a vast array of cigar connoisseurs, especially those looking for something out of the ordinary. You will likely be shocked the first time you light one up, but most everyone that smokes one inevitable ends up buying more down the road. It’s just that kind of ultra-unique cigar. Just a Friend is the hugely popular toro size, coming in at 6” x 52. KFC pairs especially well with bourbon, as the rich, woody flavors of both the whiskey and the cigar work to compliment each other. Also available from Drew Estate is the KFC Swamp series and Nica Rustica, both cigars comparable in stature and boasting similarly unique flavor profiles. Love or hate it, there’s no denying that MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured Just a Friend is one of the craziest cigars on today’s market, and it never ceases to wow cigar freaks the world over.

Additional Information
Type No
Strength Medium
Brand MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured
Size 6 x 52
Wrapper San Andres
Binder Nicaraguan
Filler Unspecified
Origin Nicaragua
Shape Toro

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