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Camacho Corojo Machitos

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Camacho Corojo Machitos

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  • Size: 4 x 32

Camacho Corojo Machitos

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There are those moments we have where sitting down for an hour or two with a large churchill is perfect, but if you are like us, those moments can be few and far between. Too often we are running from place to place and just don’t have the time to truly enjoy a wonderful cigar. Camacho Corojo Machitos are the perfect smoke for just those situations. A lot of smokers dismiss smaller cigars but these Machitos are flavor bombs just waiting for a match.

Camacho Corojo is a blend that helped put Camacho on the map. The line has recently been re-blended and is still a wonderful smoke, but these Machitos are the original blend which smokers everywhere have come to know and love. This Honduran puro masterpiece is made from select vintage tobaccos grown in the Jamastran Valley which has a soil and climate much like the famed Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba.

Camacho Corojo Machitos are strong small cigars with a smoothness which makes them perfect for any time of day. Whether you are going from errand to errand and just need that quick pause a smoke can provide, or sitting at the tee box waiting for that painfully slow foursome in front of you to finish acting like they are the next Tiger Woods, these Machitos are just the cigars for you. Give them a try and you may not dismiss little cigars again.


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