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Zino Platinum Crown Series Z-Crib 4-Cigar Gift Set

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  • Size: Assorted

Zino Platinum Crown Series Z-Crib 4-Cigar Gift Set

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Developed for the discerning aficionado, the Zino Platinum Crown Series is a luxury cigar for the sophisticated palate. No expense was spared and no shortcuts were taken by their creators, those kings of quality at Oettinger Davidoff. To bring about this paragon of smoking enjoyment, three types of Dominican ligero, a Piloto and two types of San Vicente, are used to create the bulk of the strikingly complex blend. The remaining 25% of the filler is also ligero, a top quality longleaf Habano from Peru. These tobaccos were rested for up to 5 years before being rolled within a US Connecticut binder, itself aged for 4 years before being encased beneath an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.


Slow burning, the smoke provides ample time to savor the woodsy and buttery flavors that precede a shift towards white pepper and vanilla as the cigar progresses. Additional notes of oak and cinnamon and cocoa will be found layered among the deeper espresso that rounds out the experience. Released in a number of unique sizes and interesting names, the full-bodied Zino Platinum Crown Series sits squarely at the pinnacle of ultra-premium cigars. Great for special occasions, perhaps it’s even better when paired with solitude and the rare and expensive Scotch you have sitting at the back of your liquor cabinet while toasting the fact you are able to enjoy such wonderful things in life.


The Zino Platinum Crown Series Z-Crib 4-Cigar Gift Set includes:

1 – Crown Rocket

1 – Crown Chubby Especial

1 – Crown Double Grande

1 – Crown Barrel

1 – Zino Platinum Crown Series Z-Crib Lapel Pin

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