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Cubero Blend No. 7

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Cubero Blend No. 7

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  • Size: 4 x 28

Cubero Blend No. 7

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Cubero Cigars are the newest entrants into the world of flavored cigarillos and they’ve done a pretty darn good job of breaking the ceiling. Slowly but surely they are gaining traction in the world of premium tobacco. With 3 different blends offered, you are sure to find just the one for you. These sticks are 4 x 28 making them a great short quick smoke for your commute, lunch break or anytime you need a smack of something sweet and delicious.


Cubero Blend No. 7 – This blend is comprised of naturally sweet tobacco with a distinct taste of grape and oak like nuances. Give these a try alongside your favorite vodka or gin beverage so as to not take away from the flavors of these cigarillos. Anything with more flavor would overpower them.


*If you find that you like these No. 7's or even just the sound of them, give their line siblings a try as well. They include the following 2 releases:


Cubero Blend No. 12 – This blend is made up of medium bodied leaves with coffee, earthen and chock full of chocolate overtones. These cigarillos are great for coffee breaks anytime during your day, but they also pair well with dark, heavy beers and most brown liquors.


Cubero Blend No. 35 – These cigarillos are just the perfect stick for the pirates on the go. With hints of mint and sugar cane, they are the perfect companion to your mojitos and fruity or spiced rum drinks on the beach.

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