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AVO Limited Edition 2013 The Dominant 13th

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AVO Limited Edition 2013 The Dominant 13th

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Product Features

  • Size: 6 x 52

AVO Limited Edition 2013 The Dominant 13th

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The new AVO Limited Edition 2013 cigar, dubbed 'The Dominant 13th', is a refreshing departure from the image driven brands so prevalent in today's tobacco market. Released in celebration of Avo Uvezian's 87th birthday, this refined example of an ultra-premium cigar also honors the man's achievements as a musician. The Dominant 13th is a chord type used in jazz to introduce some character and variety into a jam, the perfect description of the cigar itself as it contains a complex mix of Dominican Piloto and San Vicente ligero plus some Olor/Piloto hybrid Visus from Peru. These are blended to create a sophisticated harmony with the Piloto binder and Ecuadorian Habano 2000 wrapper.


As to be expected, the craftsmanship involved is of the highest level, with the dark brown and delicate outer leaf carefully arranged over the dense interior. The lightest touch of flame is all that is required to get it smoking and long, soft draws will reward the smoker with a salt-infused dark chocolate opening. Smooth cafe con leche tinged with vanilla arrives during the first third, with some surprisingly light and grassy notes still noticeable during the second. The finale of the exquisite performance contains flourishes of pepper and hazelnuts.


The best way to enjoy the AVO Limited Edition 2013 is while sipping a gin and tonic and listening to some live jazz but if you buy one of the 13-count boxes, and there are only 9000 worldwide, you can recreate the experience at home with the included flash drive containing performances by Uvezian himself. Medium in body but full of flavor, you'll be so relaxed after smoking this cigar the only standing ovation you'll have the motivation for is to go grab another.

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