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Quesada Q D'Etat Daga

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Quesada Q D'Etat Daga

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  • Size: 7 1/2 x 54

Quesada Q D'Etat Daga

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An offshoot of the original Quesada Q D’Etat line, the Quesada Q D’Etat Daga cigar is here to make a statement. Keeping the same mission of symbolic revolt against unfair taxation of the cigar industry, Manuel Quesada decided he needed to tweak the original blend to better fit the particular physical characteristics of the large vitola. Instead of being a Dominican puro like the others, the salomon-shaped Daga has the added punch of savory Nicaraguan leaves folded into the filler. The binder remains a Dominican Criollo 98 but the wrapper has been changed to a thick and reddish-brown Arapiraca from Ecuador.


The Daga's appearance certainly lives up to the name, slightly thinner than most salomons with a varying 44/50/54 ring gauge that is definitely dagger-like. Somewhat oily, with the aroma of hay and providing some espresso to the tongue during the cold draw, the cigar lights easily and burns solidly despite the unusual shape. Like a factory, it churns out tons of smoke which when swirled in the mouth show signs of cedar and earth. A brown-sugar like sweetness is picked up in the exhale even as the cigar strengthens well beyond the initial medium, but it does relax during the final third to allow balanced notes of spice and coffee to shine.


Due to its slow burning nature and generous size, the Daga is not the cigar you pick up for a lunch break smoke. Count on a full two hours of pure enjoyment, but make sure to spend some of that time considering what you can do to fight burdensome cigar taxes. Perhaps take the time to write your representatives and let them what a premium handmade cigar means to you. We're all in this together, and together we must stand strong.

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