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Perdomo Exhibicion Maduro Churchill

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Perdomo Exhibicion Maduro Churchill

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  • Size: 7 x 54

Perdomo Exhibicion Maduro Churchill

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Being the second largest cigar manufacturer in Nicaragua, Tabacalera Perdomo produces a lot of cigars and the Perdomo Exhibicion Maduro cigar is one of the latest in their ever-expanding cadre of quality products. The company's roots can be traced back to the finest factories in Cuba, where patriarch Silvio Perdomo worked as an executive for H. Upmann and then Partagas.


The care taken in producing the cigar is evident just by simply holding it. An elegant black and gold label shines over the fine, smooth wrapper like a shield, and there are no veins or irregularities evident in the body. Pungent cocoa aromas without any of the cloying sweetness sometimes found in Maduros tease the nose and it almost seems a shame to cut into such a fine armor. Almost. A blast of fresh coffee greats the smoker as the stick begins to burn, with small amounts of the promised cocoa beginning to shine through the first third of the cigar. A firm tap is necessary to dislodge the ash heading into the second third, where hints of earthiness join the two primary flavors. This new flavor fades as the smoke enters it's final third, replaced with a mild spiciness as the oils build up in the nub. The coffee and cocoa remain faithful companions throughout the quest, however, and can be enjoyed until the finale.


The Perdomo Exhibicion Maduro is a medium to medium-full cigar at a price that makes it a fantastic choice for any time of day or occasion and for every smoker. The lack of sweetness in the cigar contrasts well with a sweet cola or it can be complimented by a strong Bourbon. Smokers who enjoy CAO's MX2 or Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real Maduro will find this a welcome addition to their humidor.

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