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Cain F Limited Edition Tubos Lancero

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Cain F Limited Edition Tubos Lancero

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Product Features

  • Size: 7 x 38

Cain F Limited Edition Tubos Lancero

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Cain F Limited Edition Tubos Lancero cigars are quite possibly the strongest vitola in the line and are easily the most sought-after. While the Cain F cigars are a regular production cigar, these lanceros are not. This is especially true when you compare their cost to other lanceros which often start in the $9-$10 range. The “F” stands for Fuerte which means “strength” in Spanish.


The Cain F is a Nicaraguan puro that boasts being comprised of 82% straight ligero leaf. The breakdown of Ligeros are as follows, 32% Esteli Ligero, 25% Condega Ligero, and 25% Jalapa Ligero. Ligero leafs are the strongest tobacco leaves available and are the ones that grow at the top of the tobacco plants receiving the most sunlight.


These Cain F cigars are not for a new smoker and are probably not even for many experienced smokers. These cigars are for the big bad boys who love to smoke the strongest, heaviest cigars out there. This is a cigar that you eat a really hearty meal before, that you enjoy while seated, and that you don't stand up too quickly after. If you do stand up too fast, beware you may soon find yourself on the floor. The Cain F is a FULL-bodied cigar.


Even burn lines, no major construction flaws, filled and rolled well, this cigar also produces a fair amount of smoke and even shares some flavors with us. Nuttiness seems to be the key flavor here along with a TON of spice, pepper, and cedar. The 1st inch to inch and half of the Cain F is pretty powerful and in your face before it settles, or perhaps before you adjust to it's strength and then it settles in for the long haul.

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