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601 Habano Oscuro(Green Label) Corona

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601 Habano Oscuro(Green Label) Corona

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  • Size: 5 x 42

601 Habano Oscuro(Green Label) Corona

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The 601 Habano Oscuro Green Corona cigar is rolled in Esteli, Nicaragua and blended by the master Don Pepin. The Habano Oscuro wrapper is a deep dark chocolate brown with thin veins and a small amount of tooth. This is a Nicaraguan puro and is the most full bodied blend offered by 601 cigars.


The cigar is smooth and firm holding up to a good squeeze between the fingers. The scent at the foot of the 601 Habano Oscuro Green cigar reminds me of a Guinness with that deep full bodied heartiness to it. The draw with a guillotine cut is good without being loose and offers a small bit of resistance.


The flavors in this 601 Habano Oscuro Green cigar include black pepper, dark, rich, roast coffee. There seems to be a bit of salty ash-like flavor in the mix as well to balance out the pepper.


Speaking of ash, the ash on this cigar is a bit flakier than the other cigars in the 601 line but it wasn't terrible. The burn line tends to flare a bit here and there but it mostly corrected itself along the way.


The 601 Habano Oscuro Green is a great cigar if you love the bold peppery spice of Don Pepin.

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