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Viaje 50/50 Black Label No.2

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Viaje 50/50 Black Label No.2

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Product Features

  • Size: 6 x 50

Viaje 50/50 Black Label No.2

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The Viaje 50/50 Black Label No. 2 cigar was designed to showcase two completely different flavor profiles while smoking the same cigar. Viaje's website says that rolling these cigars actually take 3 times as long to roll as a regular cigar.


The wrapper on this Viaje 50/50 Black label cigar is a dark, oily, Nicaraguan leaf with what is actually two different binders holding together the Nicaraguan filler blends. This stick starts as a medium-bodied cigar and progresses into a bold full-bodied experience. The Viaje 50/50 is extremely heavily packed with the cigar having very little “give” to it at all. It is firm from one end of the cigar to the other. A tiny pigtail cap finishes off the head of this cigar and appears to be begging for a cut.


The flavors in the this Viaje 50/50 Black cigar range from chocolate, raisins, and creamy cappuccino to pepper, spice, and other bold flavors you have a hard time placing. Even though you may have a hard time picking out the flavors this cigar will have you picking it up again and again.


The burn line can sometimes burn a bit unevenly but there generally isn't need for corrective measures. The cigar puts off a large amount of smoke and a fair amount of ash as well. Speaking of ash, it's a darker grey color and holds on for the standard 1”-1.5” or so.


Give this stick from Viaje, the small batch specialists a light and you just may find a new favorite.

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