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Nestor Miranda 1989 Robusto Rosado

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Nestor Miranda 1989 Robusto Rosado

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  • Size: 5 x 50

Nestor Miranda 1989 Robusto Rosado

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The Nestor Miranda 1989 Robusto Rosado cigar is a special blend created as a celebration of his Miami Cigar Company that was founded in 1989. For this celebratory blend Miranda commissioned Don Pepin Garcia to take the flavor profile Miranda was seeking and turn his idea into a finished cigar.

This sub $5 Nicaraguan Puro is rolled at Garcia's My Father factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Nestor Miranda 1989 cigar has been described by one reviewer as “loose and fast,” but sometimes we all need a quick fix. The Nestor Miranda 1989 has a toothed wrapper with a looser foot than we're accustomed to but it does allow us to keep our cigar lit. The ash doesn't hold quite as long as we'd like but the flavor was there throughout highlighting tobacco, earth, nuts, and coffee. The flavor was present but never overpowering making this a great cigar choice for newer cigar smokers.

Honestly, it isn't the best cigar out there but it is solid enough and priced perfectly to smoke a few everyday or hand them out to your non-cigar smoking buddies when they want to look as cool as you. If one of your buddies handed you one of these and you're looking for the next step up try the My Father by Don Pepin or the Nestor Miranda Special Selection.

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