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Siglo Limited Reserve VII

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Siglo Limited Reserve VII

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  • Size: 7 x 48

Siglo Limited Reserve VII

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The Siglo Limited Reserve VII cigar was Crafted in Nicaragua under the care of master blender Frank Llaneza. The Siglo Limited Reserve blends an Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper with a Broadleaf binder and Dominican and Nicaraguan filler for a bold flavor and complex taste. The band is designed to remind you of a Cuban Cohiba but really that is where the comparisons to an actual Cuban end. This is a medium to full-bodied cigar.


When it comes to construction some of these sticks can have soft spots and the amount of veins present varies widely from stick to stick but the flavor doesn't seem to be affected much, if at all. We have many loyal customers who swear by these cigars and order them on a regular basis to ensure they always have a full humidor. The burn can sometimes be uneven as a result of the lumpiness found in some of these cigars, but rarely do they canoe or affect the experience significantly. Flavor wise, this Siglo Limited Reserve gives us roasted nuttiness, coffee flavors, and a delicious creaminess in the 1st third. In the 2nd third, there is a grassy note that enters and balances with the flavors from the 1st third. In the final third the pepper starts to kick in along with some earthy notes balancing with the grassy notes from the 2nd third. The creaminess comes and goes in the final third but it never lingers for long.


If you are looking for a good stick to fill your mooch-a-dor or hand your friends who only smoke a few times a year this Siglo Limited Reserve will fit your needs adequately. And every now and again it's even one that you won't mind finding at the bottom of your humidor or reaching for to use as a good fill-in smoke.

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