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Gurkha Assassin Robusto

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Gurkha Assassin Robusto

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  • Size: 5 x 50

Gurkha Assassin Robusto

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Let's see how many riffs on the name of the Gurkha Assassin Robusto cigar we can fit into one description, shall we? Let's start with the obvious: This is one killer cigar. Master of the dark blending arts Paul Flores targeted the lovers of potent tobacco and then kept his end of the deal. To fulfill this mission he hunted down the best tobaccos from deepest Peru and Nicaragua and smothered them in a thick Ecuadorian binder. This left one final, fatal decision. What type of leaf for the wrapper? What would hit the mark and make the cigar one to die for? The answer came in the form of a Brazilian Mata Fina, black as night and fierce to behold.


While the smaller second band carried at the hip of the cigar labels it the Gurkha Assassin, the main front-mark is the same friendly, bright gold band from the no-longer-available Gurkha Legend. It still carries the name. Perhaps the Assassin needed to make room in the Gurkha lineup? Ignoring the implications, the wild and funky odor of the Mata Fina will put you on alert that this cigar is after your taste buds and won't stop until you are entranced. The first puffs and aromas of the lit Assassin boom with charred oak and leather strap. As it burns, round after round of dark chocolate and herbs and cream are fired at the palate, while a head rattling level of nicotine is delivered in a velvet glove.


The inescapable conclusion to all of this is the Gurkha Assassin is a cigar meant for only the most resilient smokers. Those who are capable of taking down this sneaky opponent, however, will be rewarded with a profound satisfaction and an appreciation of dead-on taste.

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