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Tatuaje Especiales

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Tatuaje Especiales

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  • Size: 7 1/2 x 38

Tatuaje Especiales

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Tatuaje Cigars are one of the newest micro-brands to hit it big in the cigar world. “Tatuaje” means tattoo in Spanish. These Tatuaje Especiales cigars are blended as a partnership between “Tattoo” Pete Johnson and the cigar master himself, Don Pepin Garcia. In this line all but the Tatuaje Petite Tatuaje are rolled in Miami, with the Petite Tatuaje being rolled at the My Father Factory by Jaime Garcia.


The filler and binder are both Nicaraguan with an Ecuadoran Habano wrapper. According to the brand's website, these cigars are rolled in using select Nicaraguan tobaccos and are blended to be in the style of flavorful yet medium bodied Cuban cigars. They are triple capped in the Cuban style as well. The cigar is squishy but without noticeable soft spots. The prelight draw is earthy with a hint of sweetness and an even lighter hint of pepper. Flavors along the cigar are earth, pepper, an undefinable sweetness, mocha, and even a bit of grass. This is a medium to full bodied cigar that gives us a fair amount of complexity through the use of subtle flavor changes.


These aren't the pepper bombs we're accustomed to from Don Pepin but judging by the sheer volume of Tatuaje cigars we sell, we think Pete Johnson is clearly on the right track.

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