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Cigar Oasis Excel Water Cartridge

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Cigar Oasis Excel Water Cartridge

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While we would love things to last forever, sadly that is not the case, and this is true too for the water cartridge on your Cigar Oasis Excel Humidifier. Treated with an anti-fungal agent, after three to four refills the cartridge will begin to lose its potency. It is highly recommended you replace it in order to keep your cigars in the best condition. This replacement will fit either the Next Generation Cigar Oasis Excel or the older Cigar Oasis XL.


The water cartridge may be refilled three or four times, remember only with distilled water, but eventually the foam breaks down and holds less and will need more frequent refilling. Also with use the antifungal agent is depleted and eventually it is suggested that you replace the water cartridge with a new one.

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