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Cigar Oasis Plus

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Cigar Oasis Plus

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If you have a larger 1000-cigar humidor, Cigar Oasis Plus is the best humidification device you can get. Once you set the humidity level on the front of the unit it automatically keeps your cigars in an optimal condition. You can either power the Cigar Oasis Plus with the paper-thin ribbon cord or with a rechargeable Li-ion battery back you can purchase separately. The front display will always keep you up-to-date by showing a 3 day average and min/max of your humidity levels with the touch of a button. The best part of this humidifier is the optional WiFi attachment you can buy. With this attached, you can not only view your humidity levels on the web or via an Android or iOS app but you can adjust them as well. You can even set up your device to email or text you when the levels get low. There is no better tool to keep track of your stogies while on the road.

Cigar Oasis Plus electronic cigar humidifier uses the same microprocessor technology and features as the Cigar Oasis Excel. The basic difference is a change in the air flow and water cartridge allowing the Cigar Oasis Plus to better circulate moisture and air, providing more rapid humidification throughout your large humidors. The Cigar Oasis XL Plus uses a foam in the water cartridge which the user must fill with distilled water as described in the manual. Cigar Oasis Plus comes standard with a large cartridge and should be run with AC power. However, if it is absolutely needed, an optional water cartridge/battery pack unit can be attached to the unit for battery powered humidification. Keep in mind though that battery life would be significantly decreased due to the constant running of this unit.

• 100% Automatic
• Digitally Accurate Humidification
• Virtually maintenance-free
• Integrated Digital humidity indicator
• Use DISTILLED Water Only
• Visible and Audible Low Battery/Water Alerts
• Humidor enclosures up to 8-10 cubic foot
• Long term, worry free humidification
• Sealed 100% distilled water cartridge with mold retardant refillable and/or replaceable