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Cigar Oasis XL

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Cigar Oasis XL

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  • Digitally Accurate Humidity Controls
  • Digital Readout Screen
  • AC/DC Powered
  • Battery Powered Water Catridge Combo Packs Are Available
  • Visible and Audible Low Water/Battery Alerts
  • Unique sensor measures humidity and microprocessor controller operates a quite fan   to circulate humidified air within the humidor to exact desired humidity to within 1%
  • RH Factory set at 70% RH but completely adjustable to meet your preferences and needs.
  • Integral hygrometer displays humidity recorded several minutes prior to opening humidor
  • EUROPEAN Customers - We sell the 220v power adapter for use with this Cigar Oasis. Please click on the link here. Cigar Oasis XL 220V Euro Adapter




Cigar Oasis XL electronic cigar humidifier was designed to solve the cigar humidification problems smoker's experienced using sponge type devices. It is a self-contained unit made up of two pieces, the upper control unit and the lower replaceable distilled water cartridge. The unit is ready to operate on outlet power.

There is an optional replacement two-piece combination water catridge and battery pack that will allow you to run your Cigar Oasis unit on battery power if you'd prefer. We sell this unit at Cigar Place. Cigar Oasis XL Water Cartridge with Battery Pack

  • Virtually maintenance-free 
  • Reliable, long term, worry free humidification
  • Small size only 3.5" high x 2" wide x 6" long with optional battery pack 2.5" high x 2" wide x 6" long with AC power
  • Sealed 100% distilled water cartridge with mold retardant refillable and/or replaceable
  • Cigar Oasis XL is the standard for all 300-500 cigar humidors