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Padron 1964 Diplomatico

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Product Features

  • Size: 7 x 50

Padron 1964 Diplomatico

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The Padron 1964 Anniversary Diplomatico Natural cigar is 4 year aged, Medium-Full bodied, box pressed, Nicaraguan puro. It was developed to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Padron company. Though it is technically a limited edition run, in that each cigar is individually numbered, these cigars are readily available in most places.


This Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural boasts more individual flavor notes than nearly any other cigar out there. I hope you have one really refined palate, you're gonna need it to enjoy this premium offering from Padron. You'll find flavors ranging from red pepper, black pepper, molasses, leather, oak, earth, cherries, cedar, and chocolate to meat, nuts, and cocoa with a creaminess you just can't place.


With a thick, rough, veiny Nicaraguan wrapper, one often wonders if this cigar is really worth the cost. The initial draws can also be a bit tight but about halfway into the 1st third the cigar and draw loosen up considerably making this a much easier cigar to smoke. Many people prefer to use a punch cut on these box pressed 1964 Anniversary cigars to prevent the wrapper from unraveling at the head.


While not necessarily the most expensive cigars we carry, these are definitely in the upper echelon. Treat yourself to one of these for your next special occasion and you will likely not be disappointed.

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