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El Rey del Mundo Cutter

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El Rey del Mundo Cutter

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Every cigar smoker has a few different kinds of cutters. We have our formal occasion cutter, our nice cutter, our everyday cutter, our golf bag cutter, our purse cutter (YES, women smoke too,) our car cutter, our back-up cutter, our back-up to the back-up cutter, our garage cutter, our tool box cutter, our “insert favorite brand/event name” here cutter and then we have a handful of cutters that we keep around just in case. Or perhaps, you don't have your back-up cutters just yet. Well, have we got those cutters for you.


Everyone knows that we love carrying the Xikar brand of cutters because they are super reliable and carry a lifetime warranty and the blades are super sharp and all, but we also know that lots of you folks are cheap. We know that you love great deals, lose, give away or find your cutters have been stolen far too often to invest in the really nice Xikar ones to fill all of those spots and that's where these El Rey del Mundo cutters come in.


Single-blade guillotine action that works and yes it will cut your 60-ring cigars, if you're cutting them properly! No, it will NOT cut them in half. There is also not a solid block on the other side meaning that these cutters will also work on your Torrpedos, Belicosos, Diademas and other tapered shapes.

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