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Cu-Avana Punisher Cigars

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Cu-Avana Punisher

Consider yourself warned that the Cu-Avana Punisher cigar is not for the meek or occasional smoker. Hell, it’s barely something even the strongest, most experienced among us should tackle, but don’t let that stop you. This is a smoke that emits a clarion call to the adventurous, those lovers of ligero who go all-in for a lip-numbing, head-rattling, stomach-punching experience. A quality Nicaraguan smoke hailing from the famed Plascencia factory in Esteli, the Punisher is an Habano wrapped beast chock full of some of the blackest and most potent long leaf ligero tobaccos you’ve ever seen, all cropped from only the highest and ripest of primings.


The lips will find the wrapper oily and hot and as the smoke starts pouring through the tongue will begin tingling, but just before the spice becomes overwhelming the flavor settles into a rich and peppery profile enhanced with some sweetness and nice creamy leather overtones. Available in two chunky sizes, the Cu-Avana Punisher will find favor with those seeking a truly unique and powerful cigar. Eat well, perhaps downing hefty portions of well-seasoned barbacoa, and then grab an ice cold and sugary Mexican Coke or two. Put your feet up, plan on staying in place for a couple of hours, and fire one up. Let the spice flow.

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MSRP Price
Cu-Avana Punisher Punisher (Belicoso) Box of 13 6 x 52 $180.00 $102.95
Single Cigar 6 x 52 $13.85 $9.32
Cu-Avana Punisher Shorty Edition Box of 15 4 1/2 x 60 $180.00 $89.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 4 1/2 x 60 $12.00 $7.05