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El Triunfador Old Man & The C Cigars

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El Triunfador Old Man & The C


Perhaps the most interesting cigars in the entire Tatuaje line-up is a Culebra. Introduced in mid-2011 the Tatuaje Old Man & the C is a concept that Pete Johnson plans on applying to numerous blends throughout his line, starting with the original El Triunfador blend. The concept is to make a Culebra, a cigar that is three cigars formed into one held together by chicken wire, and a Lancero and package them into one coffin. The first blend Pete took into this concept, named for the famous story, was the original El Triunfador blend, which uses a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over a variety of Nicaraguan fillers, a combination put together at Jaime García's My Father Cigars S.A., where Pete and the García family have gotten famous for their Connecticut Broadleaf Nicaraguan creations. The Culebra is a Cuban tradition, created by rollers who creatively sought to maximize the "one cigar" they were allowed to bring home or smoke daily, by tying them together.


The flavor of the Lancero is no different than the original: aged tobacco, spices, fruits, nuts, toastiness and sweetness. It is one of the most Cuban-like cigars on the market and it has been rewarded aptly. The Culebra, which is meant to be smoked one at a time, is much of the same with a bit more earth noticeable, creating a flavor profile that is a slightly less sweet. Both cigars are medium-full in strength and full in body and flavor. The Old Man & the C in El Triunfador form is anything but a gimmick, this is a classic cigar in solid form. It is an absolute winner. For those looking for both classic Cuban tradition and flavor, this is as good as it gets, all bundled up in one neat package.

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El Triunfador Old Man & The C Box of 10 Coffins 7 1/2 x 38 $300.00 $238.95
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Single Coffin 7 1/2 x 38 $30.00 $28.05
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