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Cain Nub Habano Cigars

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Cain Nub Habano

Designed to enhance every drop of flavor squeezed out of its all-ligero filler, Cain Nub Habano offers smokers of meaty, bold cigars the pinnacle of form and function. After scoring rave reviews and legions of fans, creator Sam Leccia took the two brands which made him famous and joined them together like he was fashioning a bludgeon to fight off blandness in the lives of aficionados everywhere. While you may not need such heroics, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of Leccia’s benevolence expressed by a uniquely proportioned and utterly flavorful filler blend of tobaccos packed into a Nicaraguan puro.

A generous draw delivers a spicy pre-light taste along with some natural tobacco sweetness. Carefully toast the broad foot, taking care not to get too close with the heat, and then exercise your caution and patience while lighting to ensure a full burn without creating an unpleasant char from too much direct flame. Launching into top form without delay, a duality of spiciness greets the palate reminiscent of cinnamon raisin cookie sweetness and some pungent clove. If you somehow remain unimpressed, there’s still plenty of leather and chocolate, earth and black coffee available during the slow, cool burning time.

Like the proverbial two tastes that taste great together, these cigars take everything good about their original lineages and enhances it all to create to create a stogie truly more than the sum of its parts. Don’t let the size of a Nub or Cain’s reputation scare you away from trying a Cain Nub Habano because it remains medium-full until close to the end and by then you’ve already gotten more than your money’s worth in taste and enjoyment so go ahead and set it down if necessary. Or grab a classic whiskey and ginger to power through to an ultimate crescendo of awesomeness.

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MSRP Price
Cain Nub Habano 460 Box of 24 4 x 60 $165.40 $115.95
Single Cigar 4 x 60 $6.89 $5.70