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Sancho Panza Cigars

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Sancho Panza

Sancho Panza cigars are Honduran sticks that have a very similar flavor profile to their Cuban counterparts. The brand is very old-fashioned and recognizable to many serious connoisseurs the world over. This original blend starts with a 3-country classic blend of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican filler leaves and a Connecticut broadleaf binder. The cigars are then finished with gorgeous USA Connecticut shade wrapper leaves that tie the package together. Very classic, very enjoyable, and absolutely unforgettable.



The cigar is easy-smoking and billows forth loads of velvety gray smoke, presenting a very hearty, earthy flavor profile hinted by notes of cinnamon and cloves. The finish is long and smooth with undertones of leather and cedar. Sancho Panza goes great with coffee or dark rum and makes a great way to start the day. This classic brand shows no signs of slowing down and remains an affordable luxury that literally any smoker can enjoy. It's comparable to Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real. Sancho Panza is one of the all-time greats, and just one puff tells the whole story.

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MSRP Price
Sancho Panza Aragon Box of 20 6 1/4 x 54 $109.80 $68.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 6 1/4 x 54 $5.49 $4.06
Sold Out
Sancho Panza Caballero Box of 20 6 1/4 x 45 $95.80 $60.95
Single Cigar 6 1/4 x 45 $4.79 $3.50
Sancho Panza Dulcinea Box of 20 6 1/8 x 54 $129.80 $80.95
Single Cigar 6 1/8 x 54 $6.49 $4.75
Sancho Panza Glorioso Box of 20 6 1/8 x 50 $115.80 $72.95
Single Cigar 6 1/8 x 50 $5.79 $4.30
Sancho Panza Valiente Box of 20 5 1/4 x 50 $99.80 $62.95
Single Cigar 5 1/4 x 50 $4.99 $3.70