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Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ

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Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ

Don Jose Pepin Garcia is arguably making some of the finest cigars in the world right now. Whether it is with Pete Johnson for Tatuaje, with his son Jaime for My Father, or his own Don Pepin Garcia label, they all have amazing flavor, flawless construction, and copious amounts of smoke. When he came out and said the Serie JJ was the best of all his brands, it was definitely something to take notice of. Made in Miami to the companies highest standards, this Nicaraguan puro has the best filler and binder, and is wrapped with a light Nicaraguan Corojo Rosado wrapper leaf. Medium-to-full in body, Serie JJ hits all the right notes for full flavor cigar lovers.

The beautiful white and gold band and secondary Serie JJ label have almost a regal appearance, making us aware from the start we were going to be in for an excellent experience. The first thing we like to do with a smoke is smell the foot, and surprisingly the Serie JJ was lacking any sort of aroma pre-light. Any worry we were about to embark on a flavorless journey was quelched as soon as flame touched foot. The signature Pepin blast of pepper hit us square in the face, but quickly subsided to reveal a very complex and earthy cigar.  

Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ is a fantastic cigar which morphs in flavor with every few puffs. What starts as a full-bodied spicy cigar soon mellows into a medium-to-full bodied smoke with notes of wood and coffee. The full nature of this cigar lends itself to being enjoyed after a meal and with a nice bitter espresso. Other great cigars to smoke are the Tatuaje Miami or the lighter in body La Duena.

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MSRP Price
Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Belicoso Box of 20 5 3/4 x 52 $146.95
Single Cigar 5 3/4 x 52 $7.25
Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Salomon Box of 5 7 1/4 x 57 $101.00 $68.95
Pack of 5 7 1/4 x 57 $100.00 $66.95
Single Cigar 7 1/4 x 57 $20.20 $16.10
Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Selecto Box of 20 5 x 50 $168.00 $115.95
Single Cigar 5 x 50 $8.40 $6.80
Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Sublime Box of 20 6 x 54 $286.00 $183.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 6 x 54 $14.30 $10.80