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Cain Nub Maduro Cigars

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Cain Nub Maduro

Take a seat ringside and experience a tag team effort between artistry and strength brought to you by Cain Nub Maduro cigar. A combination of Studio Tabac’s two power players, for you greenhorns that’s the Nub and Cain brands, each thick stogie places you front and center for an A-show. Beneath a San Andres wrapper of highest caliber stand tall plenty of exciting and layered flavors courtesy of an all-ligero filler blend where a variety of Nicaragua’s growing regions are represented: Esteli, known for cultivating sheer potency, tempered yet rich leaves from Condega, and plenty of Jalapa tobacco for a surprisingly smooth and refined finish.

Short of stature but long of game, the Nub side of the marquis takes a high spot as soon as it enters the arena read to drop heavy, heavy flavors directly into the center of your palate. First comes a solid earthiness reminiscent of loamy soil before kicking in some spice. In contrast to wearing a costume dark and mottled on the outside, from inside emerges a slowly growing and vigorously solid ash as a white knight ushering in oak and coffee as the main event. Starting out as an intimidating opponent, by the closing bell you’ll be anticipating a rematch with this hero of a cigar.

If there is a gold belt to be had in the cigar-business arena, Cain Nub Maduro is our dark horse favorite to take the title. As it stands, we’ll just have to marvel at the torcerdor’s mastery of a stogie with proportions and quality unachievable by low card rollers. Smokers looking for a qualified competitor to balance out a bout card occupied by Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva or Joya De Nicaraguan Celebracion can stop searching right now. Just make sure to allocate plenty of locker space ‘cause the Cain Nub Maduro is stacked!

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MSRP Price
Cain Nub Maduro 460 Box of 24 4 x 60 $165.40 $115.95
Single Cigar 4 x 60 $6.89 $5.70