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Nat Sherman Omerta Cigars

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Nat Sherman Omerta

Nat Sherman Omerta cigars are Nicaraguan puros with deep, dark chocolate brown Maduro wrappers. Nat Sherman’s are one of the pinnacle brands in the business. Their Manhattan smoking lounge is legendary with a past that is classic NY. Prohibition speakeasy money was how Nat originally made his name, then buying up ½ of the Epoca Cigar Brand and making loans to a real-estate developer on Broadway in Manhattan. Their humidors hold some of the most exclusive cigars on the planet and their clientele caters to the Manhattan elites from the worlds of fashion, theatre, diamonds, politics and yes, even organized crime. For the folks at Nat Sherman to put their name on a cigar truly means something.


Taste-wise, if you like Maduros of any variety but particularly those on the more medium to full flavored spectrum rather than the full-full end. However, these little bunches of paradise are packed with punches of cocoa, baking spices and oak. A rich, creamy, yet slightly spicy toast of flavors rolls across your tongue and a plume of ample but not overwhelming amount of smoke is provided with each draw. Give these a good retrohale on the out and you’ll most certainly be rewarded.


While certainly not as well-known as the Metropolitans, Hosts or the new Timeless Collection, these Omerta sticks from Nat Sherman and crew are well worth the effort to find. Give them a try and enjoy the ride.

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Nat Sherman Omerta No. 5 Single Cigar 5 x 54 $6.00 $2.94
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