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Oliveros Sun Grown Reserve Cigars

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Oliveros Sun Grown Reserve



A savory, mouth-watering treat, the Oliveros Sun Grown Reserve just might be the cigar you are looking for. How will you know? Well, it might depend on whether you enjoy boutique cigars from a company familiar with creating highly rated stogies. It may hinge on your history with finely-crafted vitolas containing perfectly aged and fermented tobaccos, including dark and juicy Habano wrappers that spent many a fine day darkening to a ruddy hue in the Nicaraguan sun.  Or you may get excited about bold flavors and palate-coating smoke. If any of these appeal to you, the time to order is now.

An affordable if limited production cigar, the Oliveros Sun Grown Reserve's medium strength and full flavor will be found agreeable by many an aficionado. Available in four equally appealing sizes, there will be no regrets whenever an SGR is cut and aflame on a relaxing afternoon with an icy bottle of cola in hand.



Name Packaging Size

Brand Page - Size Attribute


MSRP Price
Oliveros Sun Grown Reserve Corto No. 1 (Robusto) Box of 20 5 x 50 $126.10 $89.95
Single Cigar 5 x 50 $6.31 $5.30
Oliveros Sun Grown Reserve Majico No. 2 (Toro) Box of 20 5 3/4 x 50 $136.10 $97.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 5 3/4 x 50 $6.81 $5.75
Oliveros Sun Grown Reserve No. 4 (Belicoso) Box of 20 7 x 50 $156.10 $111.95
Single Cigar 7 x 50 $7.81 $6.59
Oliveros Sun Grown Reserve Paco No. 3 (Churchill) Box of 20 6 1/4 x 50 $146.10 $104.95
Single Cigar 6 1/4 x 50 $7.31 $6.20