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Panama Red Blend #5 Cigars

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Panama Red Blend #5


Brought to you by the makers of the 601 and Murcielago cigars these Panama Red Blend #5 mixed fill bargain bundled cigars are great for those times when you want a smoke that you just don't want to think about. These are the perfect cigars for quick smoke breaks at work, mowing the lawn, the daily commute or when you have those friends who always come over to your house expecting that you'll share your cigars and then leave them half smoked in the ashtray.


These are medium to full bodied Nicaraguan nearly puros with a bit of Panamanian filler tobacco mixed in. The flavors are an interesting mixture of wood, cream and spice. The ash holds well despite being a bit flaky at times but as a mixed fill cigar this is to be expected.


I wouldn't expect miracles but if you are looking for a cheap daily smoke, a giveaway smoke or just a cigar you don't have to think about, the Panama Red Blend #5 cigars are for you. At less than $1 a stick can you really afford to not give them a try?

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MSRP Price
Panama Red Blend #5 Churchill Bundle of 25 7 x 49 $59.95 $24.95
Sold Out
Panama Red Blend #5 Torpedo Bundle of 25 6 x 52 $59.95 $24.95
Sold Out