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Rocky Patel Corojo Especial Cigars

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Rocky Patel Corojo Especial


With the rise of SCHIP and various local taxes, many cigar makers have looked at making bundled cigar brands that are smokeable. In 2008, Rocky Patel introduced the Rocky Patel Cameroon Especial, a bundle brand that utilized Rocky's wide array of tobaccos to create a solid cigar with an even better price. A year later, Rocky returned with the Rocky Patel Corojo Especial. Offered in the same sizes as the Cameroon Especial, the Corojo Especial uses Nicaraguan binders and fillers over an oily Cuban-seed wrapper.


One of the more unique features of the Rocky Patel Corojo Especial is how slow it burns. It's a cigar that offers lengthy draws and a consistent funnel of average smoke production. Rocky wanted the Corojo Especial to be a medium cigar, but the reality is it's a bit fuller than that. Flavor is dominated by a trademark Corojo cedar, with complexity coming from citrus, cocoa and earth. With some age, the Corojo Especial gets sweeter without losing any of the white pepper that is present when these are young. It's medium-plus in flavor and body, while medium in strength. For those that have enjoyed the Cameroon Especial, but are looking for a bit more earthy notes and pepper, the Rocky Patel Corojo Especial delivers without compromising on the price point.

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MSRP Price
Rocky Patel Corojo Especial Robusto Bundle of 20 5 x 50 $67.00 $44.95
Single Cigar 5 x 50 $3.35 $2.65
Rocky Patel Corojo Especial Toro Bundle of 20 6 x 52 $76.00 $49.95
Single Cigar 6 x 52 $3.80 $2.95
Rocky Patel Corojo Especial Torpedo Bundle of 20 5 1/2 x 52 $72.00 $47.95
Single Cigar 5 1/2 x 52 $3.60 $2.85