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Punch Rare Corojo Cigars

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Punch Rare Corojo

The Punch Rare Corojo cigar could be considered the famous brand’s small batch release, even though at the time of its original release in 2001 nobody would have called it that. Since then, each March and with little fanfare, General Cigar sends out however many boxes of Rare Corojo were able to be made with the previous year’s limited amount of a special and spicy Sumatra-seed wrapper from Ecuador already harvested and aged to the proper quality and consistency. While not quite as rare, the leaves comprising the rest of the cigar are equally impressive with a Connecticut Broadleaf binder and a robust, peppery blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano plus Honduran and Nicaraguan long-leaf filler tobaccos.


The smoke starts out heavy during the first inch or so, with an earthy and semi-sweet cedar and leather character, but after the sweet spot the strength settles into a soft medium-full loaded with cocoa and roasted nuts. Fans of corojo tobacco would be crazy to miss out on this cigar, especially if they already enjoy Don Pepin Garcia Black Label or El Baton. The cigar pairs perfectly with most types of whiskey, especially a mellow aged Bourbon, but don’t be afraid to grab your beverage of choice. Although appropriate for any time and situation, they won’t be around long so when they’re in stock, grab ‘em

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MSRP Price
Punch Rare Corojo Champion (Figurado) Box of 25 4 1/2 x 60 $132.25 $95.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 4 1/2 x 60 $5.29 $5.10
Punch Rare Corojo Double Corona Box of 25 6 3/4 x 48 $152.25 $110.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 6 3/4 x 48 $6.09 $5.55
Punch Rare Corojo El Doble Box of 20 6 x 60 $131.80 $96.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 6 x 60 $6.59 $6.05
Sold Out
Punch Rare Corojo Magnum Box of 25 5 1/4 x 54 $157.25 $114.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 5 1/4 x 54 $6.29 $5.70
Punch Rare Corojo Perfecto Box of 25 7 x 48 $184.75 $126.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 7 x 48 $7.39 $6.35
Punch Rare Corojo Pita Box of 25 6 1/8 x 50 $149.75 $108.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 6 1/8 x 50 $5.99 $5.45
Punch Rare Corojo Rothschild Box of 50 4 1/2 x 50 $239.50 $172.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 4 1/2 x 50 $4.79 $4.35