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CAO America

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CAO America

A tribute to the good ole red, white, and blue, CAO America is a unique dual wrapped cigar which smokes like a dream. Just as America is called a melting pot so is the CAO America. An extremely unique blend of filler tobacco from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic is paired with tobaccos from Italy as well as America. A spicy Brazilian binder holds it all together. Just as one-of-a-kind as the filler blend is the wrapper. A dual wrapper of Connecticut shade as well as Connecticut broadleaf maduro are utilized to make a barber pole effect. While most list this cigar as a medium-to-full-bodied cigar, the few that we have smoked have resided closer to the medium end of that range.


CAO America has a beautiful band with an American flag design and a secondary blue and gold band around the foot accented with stars and the eagle seal of America. As striking as this presentation is, what really sticks out is the striped effect the two distinct wrapper leaves give. Mostly visible is the dark and toothy Connecticut broadleaf maduro with a small stripe of the pale and smooth Connecticut shade poking through. CAO America is one of those cigars that build in strength as you smoke it. On first light we were surprised at the mild but flavorful smoke, but were wondering about how this was listed as medium-full everywhere. The more we puffed, the more we understood. Each draw built on the last until it hit a crescendo of a medium-full-bodied smoke. Burn was perfect the draw was only slightly tight, but that is to be expected of a cigar with a double wrapper and a thick binder such as this one. It never once distracted from the wonderful taste, and in fact cooled the smoke down to an incredibly tasty level.

CAO America is a cigar that will make you want to stand up and salute. A unique looking cigar, with a special blend and a fantastic full flavor. Perfect cigar for an all-American BBQ or a great steak dinner. Other great cigars to try on CAO’s hop around the world is their Italia and Brazilia lines.


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MSRP Price
CAO America 4th of July Assortment Box of 4 Assorted $34.95 $27.95
Sold Out
CAO America Constitution Box of 20 6 x 50 $178.50 $112.95
Sold Out
Single Cigar 6 x 50 $10.50 $6.65
Sold Out
CAO America Landmark Box of 20 6 x 60 $199.99 $136.95
Single Cigar 6 x 60 $11.75 $8.05
CAO America Monument Box of 20 6 1/4 x 54 $182.10 $124.95
Single Cigar 6 1/4 x 54 $10.75 $7.35
CAO America Potomac Box of 20 5 x 56 $167.30 $104.95
Single Cigar 5 x 56 $9.85 $6.20