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Camacho Havana Cigars

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Camacho Havana


The Camacho Havana cigar is, as indicated by the name, designed to replicate the potent flavors of a Cuban cigar while using high quality Honduran tobaccos. In fact, when first introduced this cigar beat out four true Cuban brands in a blind taste test. Utilizing first-generation Cuban seed tobacco, the Eiroa family has taken the same filler and binder recipe found in the famed Camacho Corojo cigar and enveloped it in a ruddy Criollo wrapper to mellow the strength.


A firmly packed stogie, one of the most unique aspects of the cigar's appearance is the veining to be found in the oily, copper-hued outer leaf, where the thin yet distinct lines are the same shiny gold color to be found in the band. As with any cigar, however, the true test of this treasure is in the smoking. The first puffs after lighting are awash with a Cubanesque spiciness backed by a richness resulting from the carefully fermented tobaccos. This character remains consistent through to the end, while toasted nuts and sweet cream round out the experience and provide the smoker a glimpse into a glorious past.


Despite being a medium bodied smoke, the Camacho Havana is not recommended for true novices until they have gained some experience with more robust cigars. For fans of Cuban cigars, the affordable price makes the Havana a must-buy when the real thing is not available, or even when it is. Discover even more classic flavors with Cabaiguan Maduro or El Ray Del Mundo.

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Camacho Havana Figurado Box of 25 6 x 54 $114.95
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Single Cigar 6 x 54 $5.40
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