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Fonseca CXX Anniversary

Fonseca, one of the old-time Cuban stalwarts, is celebrating their 120 years of success by doing what they do best; making a fabulous cigar called the Fonseca 120th Anniversary, known also as the CXX. In the Dominican Republic for the past four decades, we are always astonished at the flavors and body that Fonseca is able to establish from this region which is known mostly for milder cigars. This stick tastes as amazing as what you have come to expect from this amazing brand. Blended by Manuel Quesada, who is called by some the finest blender of Dominican tobaccos, Fonseca CXX uses some of the rarest of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The sun-grown wrapper on this cigar comes from an area of the Dominican Republic, known for its rich soil and imparts an extremely full-flavor, called Navarette. Each flavor that comes through is just what a lover of full-bodied cigars craves.


Adorned with a large silver and gold band befitting a celebration this big, Fonseca CXX is a medium-to-full-bodied cigar smoker’s dream. To say we found a complexity of flavors on this work of art would be an understatement. A cigar that seems to adjust its strength at just the right points, you can tell that Fonseca CXX is the work of a master with each puff you take. The cigar we smoked had notes of pepper and an unusual salty quality that seemed to blend perfectly with everything else that was going on. It was a stick full of power but never overwhelmed and was perfectly paced.


The Fonseca 120th Anniversary, or the Fonseca CXX if you prefer, was an ideal after-dinner smoke that paired well with relaxing after a large steak dinner. It perfectly matched up with a fine glass of bourbon or an after dinner cordial. Similar tastes can be found in the Ashton VSG line as well as a number of Camacho cigars.

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Fonseca CXX Anniversary Gordo Box of 20 4 7/8 x 60 $159.00 $79.95
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